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14 INSIDER September/October 2018 of cooked spinach, 4.5 cups of corn, 4.5 cups of green peas, 5.5 cups of broccoli, nearly 8 cups of romaine lettuce, 12.5 cups of green beans, 33 eggs or 50 oranges, Marshall said. Even among the serving sizes that seem doable—spinach or kale, for example—it's safe to say most people simply aren't eating those vegetables every single day. Indeed, some fi ndings suggest that consumers who regularly manage to eat the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables are only getting around 6 mg/d lutein. 17 That's why supplementing makes sense, Appell maintained. Formulation Challenges Despite the documented benefi ts of carotenoid supplements, stability can be an issue. "The biggest challenge carotenoids pose in fi nished formulations is that they are highly labile and sensitive to oxygen, light and heat," Appell said. Traditional technologies tend to use powder or granular versions of active compounds that fail to keep carotenoids adequately protected. "This leaves actives vulnerable to oxygen and light and when compressed into a tablet, the active leaches into the tablet matrix, rendering it unstable," he added. To overcome this problem, OmniActive developed the novel nutrient stabilizing technology OmniBead™. Not only does it serve to protect active carotenoid compounds from becoming denatured, it allows for higher carotenoid loading. "OmniActive's current products contain up to 25 percent active, which enables more effi cacious dosages in formulations and allows room for other ingredients," Appell said. What's Next? Carotenoid supplementation is a simple, effective way for people to improve their health via several outcomes. And the number of consumers who are poised to benefi t will only continue to grow. For instance, data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) predicted the number of adults with vision impairments will double over the next three decades, while individuals with dementia is expected to triple by 2050. "Given these rising numbers and the associated burden of care, more than ever consumers are interested in maintaining both central nervous system (CNS) and retinal health," Marshall said. "It's up to experts to show consumers and patients that both must be looked at simultaneously for comprehensive anti-aging support." A former food editor, Marygrace Taylor ( is an award-winning health and nutrition writer specializing in natural living. She writes for consumer and trade publications including Prevention, FITNESS and Food Service Director, and is the co-author of the cookbook "Allergy- Friendly Food for Families." The system of natural, proven ingredients that finds another level. Give your products the edge at Ay uric The system of natural, proven Ay uric ingredients that finds another level. Give your products the edge at For a list of references, email Supplements: Carotenoids

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