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20 INSIDER September/October 2018 USDA food and FDA supplement applications. "CHiKPRO is a complete protein and provides the same nutrition and benefi ts as eating a piece of chicken," she said. "In addition to protein, it also includes the necessary nutrients (such as zinc and iron based on 100 g servings) to promote and maintain balanced nutrition. CHiKPRO is also rich in electrolytes and has a 2:1 potassium/sodium ratio, which supports recovery and rehydration." Common protein blends include whey, casein and milk protein forms along with BCAAs and other amino acids, as well as the growing array of plant protein sources. Chicken protein powder has a real chicken fl avor; it has hit the fi nished products market as a scoop-able, stand- alone, RTM powder. Aside from soy and the newer water lentil ingredient LENTEIN™ from Parabel, individual plant sources such as pea, hemp, rice and others are low in one essential amino acid and need to be blended to deliver a "complete" protein. Plant proteins also come with different colors and fl avors that formulators need to consider. Manufacturer Manitoba Harvest found a winning combination of pea and hemp protein. Its Hemp Yeah! protein powder combines these two plants to offer a complete amino acid profi le in a product that is also certifi ed organic, kosher, vegan and non-GMO (genetically modifi ed organism). "While hemp is low in lysine, it works really well in combination with pea protein that is high in lysine, helping to support lean mass building," said Anne Thompson, vice president of marketing at Manitoba Harvest. "The combination of hemp and pea protein in Hemp Yeah! also results in a highly digestible protein (with more than 87 percent digestibility), allowing for NATURE'S MOST POWERFUL RECOVERY AID 15X more concentrated in key anthocyanins by comparison Made from 100% whole U.S. grown Montmorency tart cherries * 888-452-6853 | *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. maximum absorption." She added hemp is high in arginine, a vasodilator for improved blood fl ow, and the hemp-pea blend delivers 20 g of protein per serving, 2 g of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and is a rare source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA). She noted many vegan protein powders fail to deliver a smooth taste and texture, but her team specifi cally chose pea protein for its superior taste, texture, mixability and nutritional benefi ts. "Pea protein has high solubility, excellent dispersibility and mouthfeel, and great taste," she affi rmed. "Organic coconut sugar is used to sweeten the plant protein blend, and we are using organic cocoa and natural fl avors to enhance the taste." She noted consumers looking for a vegan protein drink can blend Hemp Yeah! with any nondairy milk for a pre- or post- workout shake. Hemp Yeah! is available in three varieties: chocolate, vanilla or unsweetened, which is standard for protein powders, due to the mouthfeel of proteins. "It's really diffi cult to take a milk protein product, something with whey or caseinate in it, and do anything but a creamy fl avor due to the mouthfeel and creaminess inherent to most proteins," Kneller explained. "The fruit-fl avored milk proteins don't taste all that good in my opinion. You may see a strawberry cream or an orange creamsicle type of product here or there, but that's about it for your milk proteins and fruit fl avors." Among top-selling protein powders, fl avors include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cookies and cream, caramel, mocha and assorted cake, ice cream, pie and other dessert fl avors. On the fl ip side, many pre-workout and energy formulas are fruit-fl avored. Masking stimulants, bitter herbals (anti- infl ammatory, antioxidant, ergogenic and stimulant) and various salts (ketone, etc.) is a big endeavor in these products. Sports Nutrition: Powders Trending Sports Powder Ingredients Protein/Amino Acids—muscle building. Creatine—various forms, for energy production. Caffeine—synthetic and herbal, for "energy." Beta Alanine—anti-fatigue in the muscles. Citrulline—often paired with malic acid for energy. Coffee—energy and weight management (green coffee). Betaine—strength and power benefi ts. Green Tea—antioxidant and weight management. Cognitive/Nootropics—taurine and tyrosine. Choline—cognitive and muscle performance. Nitric Oxide "pumps"—arginine, beet, agmatine. Sweeteners—sugar, synthetics and stevia. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)—body composition. Garcinia Cambogia—weight loss. Anti-Infl ammatories—curcumin, tart cherry. Minerals—zinc, magnesium, iron and electrolytes.

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