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24 INSIDER September/October 2018 Protein Trends, Formulation Strategies in Powdered Drinks Co nsumers turn to powdered mixes for a variety of reasons, including convenience, pill fatigue and lowers costs. "Many people have trouble swallowing pills, and much prefer to drink things instead," said Robin Koon, executive vice president at Best Formulations. "Taste is a key factor that determines the palatability of this oral dosage form and patient compliance." Among the benefi ts to formulation, per Koon, is increased dosage size. "Powders can deliver a larger payload than that of other oral dosage forms (tablets, capsules, etc.)," he said. "So, powders work well when large dosage amounts are needed, such as protein-based or meal replacement formulas." For this reason, ingredients that need to be taken in large quantities are often offered in powdered format. Koon cited examples such as fi bers, proteins, collagens, creatine, amino acids, antioxidants, wheat grass, algae and meal replacements, among others. The best-selling powders are those positioned for sports nutrition (e.g., weight gainers, workout drinks) and weight management (e.g., meal replacement, weight loss and weight gainers), according to Koon, who noted beauty-from-within is an emerging area of innovation within the powdered mixes category. "Due to the larger dosage amounts required, it is certainly easier to drink than swallowing multiple tablets or capsules." 888-452-6853 | Coff eeberry® Energy is the only patented extract that delivers organic, native caff eine and polyphenols from coff ee cherries, not just the coff ee bean. Tom Hirschbeck, director of research and development (R&D) -Powder Division at Nellson, also dubbed sports nutrition as a key area for powdered mixes. "Powders have traditionally been most popular in the sports nutrition (performance) consumer segment," he said. "As consumers continue to move toward more healthy and active lifestyles, the demand for powders continues to grow." Per Wanda Jurlina, technical service manager, North America, CP Kelco, protein is among the most highly sought ingredients in the powdered drink mix category. Protein not only provides benefi ts to sports nutrition, but also supports satiety. But today's consumers aren't satisfi ed with a simple "high protein" claim. "From there, you're going to see people start making choices based on the types of proteins that are in products," Jurlina said. "You've got the consumers who are going to be well-aware of the benefi ts of a whey protein and are going to be specifi cally looking for that, [and] you're going to have another group that's going to be really focused on non-animal-based proteins; they'll be looking at what they can get not only from soy, but from some of the newer protein sources—like pea—that we're seeing on the market." Consumer interest in plant proteins continues to rise, leading developers to seek plant-derived options to provide the protein content in their powdered mix beverages. However, newer protein sources such as peas and other pulses don't have the benefi ts of advanced ingredient technology supported by many years of product development. "When we're looking at protein solubility, protein particle size, fl avor of [pea and pulse proteins], they have not been fully optimized just because they're in more of the infancy of the development of those ingredients, so there can be more challenges," Jurlina said. Though these newer plant-derived options still may have room for improvement, they've advanced signifi cantly since their introduction to the market. "The technology used to produce plant proteins (pea protein, soy protein, etc.) has come a long way," Hirschbeck said. "Where some of these plant-based ingredients had strong astringent fl avor notes and provided a gritty texture, they now can be used to provide great-tasting shakes with a smooth mouthfeel." Sports Nut rition: Powders Powdered Mixes Digital Magazine Learn more about ingredients and applicati ons trends in the powdered supplements category, as well as formulation strategies and techniques, in INSIDER's Power of Powder's Digital Magazine. Vol. 7, No. 22 September 2017 US$20.75 SEPTEMBER 25-29 Expo Hall September 27 & 28 Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Power of POWDERS Scan Here by Rachel Adams

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