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NOV-DEC 2018

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signature of approximately 30 chronic conditions, according to Pradhan-Nabzdyk. The company created a proprietary database that depicts the relationship between natural ingredients and contaminants with human genes. Using its databases, along with systems biology and bioinformatics, Canomiks has developed its proprietary technology, GeneTune ® , to assist in the development of new multi- ingredient formulations or repurposing existing products to support the management of chronic conditions. The increasing number of natural ingredients with human health applications prompted the necessity to ensure identity as well as purity more quickly. For example, Arizona Nutritional Supplements (ANS) has brought in lab equipment to help streamline testing, such as the BioLumix rapid microbiological system, "which has allowed us to reduce micro testing from fi ve days to two or three days per sample," said Tom Dubinski, vice president of quality systems. Pradhan-Nabzdyk observed that genomics and DNA fi ngerprinting of raw plant material are now being used to ensure botanical identity. Also, chemical analysis of active ingredients is being used to assess the purity and content of the active ingredients. Canomiks, she reported, is developing a genomics-based effi cacy benchmark platform for botanicals and their derivatives based on human gene expression analysis. And as consumers continue to demand more natural, healthy, convenient foods and supplements everywhere they shop, manufacturers are pressured to provide more background information, which has necessitated reinvention of the supply chain wheel. According to Shearer, chain applications using blockchain technology are now providing an open and transparent accounting of every step of the supply chain, even down to such minute, but no less important, details such as temperature and humidity of the product at each stage of its journey. Consumers also want to know where their food is coming from and that it is safe for them, the people who grow it and the environment. Regen Network, Shearer said, has added a "huge amount of data about the agricultural techniques and ecological ramifi cations of those techniques, so that brands and consumers have the information they need to make ecologically sound purchasing decisions. We are not far off from the consumer being armed with a smartphone app that easily and beautifully displays data about any given product." Inventory for multiple products and lines with multiple ingredients used to be diffi cult to manage properly, especially for traceability. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, Jackson stated, now enable more effective inventory (and cost) management, resulting in more effi cient processes. More sophisticated ERP systems and barcode scanning technology has augmented traceability of all ingredients—a requirement of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). "With online platforms such as, supply chain teams can source from factories around the world, 24/7/365," she said. Obtaining Offi cial Vitamins Sponsor Since 2007, Orgenetics, Inc. has been changing the world of vitamins with 100% USDA Organic & All Natural Vitamins from Organic fruits & vegetables as part of the Orgen(r) brand. These are standardized water extracts, meaning no synthetic solvents, excipients, carriers, or any fi llers. And they contain essential co-factors and co-nutrients that may help to improve the activity and stability of the vitamins. Visit us at Booth #3857 at SupplySide West 2018! NOVEMBER 6-10, 2018 Expo Hall November 8 & 9 | Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV Technology

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