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110 INSIDER November/December 2018 NMI is a team of industry veterans seeking to provide best-in-class custom consulting and timely research to our clients! Since 1990, Global Specialists In The Health & Sustainability Marketplace! • 1 Million Consumers • 5 Databases • 30+ Countries • 15 Market Sectors Visit with us at SupplySide West Tradeshow Booth # 3684 Join us for NMI Education Sessions: Wednesday Nov. 7, 9am Healthy Aging: Lifelong Wellness & Thursday, Nov. 8, 9am Boomers and the Healthy Aging Market! + Technology Cooper elaborated that nutrients can reverse or change gene expression, thus impacting metabolism, aging, cognition, cardiovascular disease (CVD), immune health and diabetes. Lifestyle also affects epigenetic changes, which may be triggered by pollution, stress, smoking, poor diet and even intense exercise. Epigenetic changes can be genetically passed on to children, infl uencing their health for up to three generations. "Epigenetics is an exciting area of study because nutrients and bioactive food components can modify gene expression at the transcriptional level," she said. "Epigenetic research will continue to drive meaningful changes in food, supplement and drug research for decades to come." Cooper pointed to two emerging areas of science that will further evolve personalized nutrition—metabolomics and chronobiology. Metabolomics involves the microbiota, genes and environmental factors that result in one's phenotype (external attributes) and metabolism. The metabalome is the comprehensive realm of metabolites found within cells, blood, urine and tissues. Current metabolomic technology far exceeds standard clinical biochemistry, incorporating unprecedented precision that serves as a foundation to personalized nutrition and precision medicine. "Metabolomics can identify the biological basis by which ingredients or chemical constituents promote wellness, detect biomarkers that refl ect effi cacy, determine optimal dosage for effi cacy, better describe mechanisms of action and corresponding impacted structures and functions of the body, establish and support claims, provide insight into bioavailability, validate safety and delineate pharmacokinetics," she summarized. Chronobiology focuses on timing of activities, which can impact health status; human biology is optimized for certain activities at certain times, and this fi eld of emerging science also can help improve precision of effi cacy. Pradhan-Nabzdyk observed that with the advent of 3-D printing and FDA approval for printing some prescription pharmaceuticals, "we are not too far away from formulating individualized supplements." She noted that Canomiks is developing dietary supplement formulations with a mix of botanicals and micronutrients based on an individual's genomic composition. Summarized Bernadot, "Consumers crave solutions they feel are unique to them, presented in an accessible and understandable platform." Lisa Schofi eld is a writer, editor and trade editorial relations specialist based in New Jersey. She has been in the dietary supplement industry since 1995. She can be reached at

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