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28 INSIDER November/December 2018 Pure Essence Labs launched a line of digestive enzyme supplements for dieters, called Real-Zymes™, with nine different supplements, each targeting specifi c diets. For instance, the Atkins version was developed for high-protein diets; the Paleo supplement is for paleo, South Beach and similar plans; and Omnivore is for Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, ADA, Dash and the like. There are digestive blends for vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, Ornish and Zone diets. Burning, Blocking and Satiating Dieters may fi nd benefi ts in compounds that help manage the metabolism of and inhibit absorption of various macronutrients, such as carbs and fats. Also, some diets may be light on satiating foods, especially low-energy dieting and fasting. While many athletes look for increased energy and muscle mass, decreased fat is a top target of dieting. This has made fat-burning supplements popular additions to many athletes' dietary regimens. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), an essential fatty acid (EFA), as well as the thermogenics green tea and 7-keto DHEA are some popular fat-burning supplements touted for increasing metabolism. Another approach to decreasing fat is argeting fat storage. Garcinia cambogia and its constituent (-)-hydroxycitric acid (HCA) are proposed to inhibit fat biosynthesis. Low-fat and low-energy diets can lower body levels of leptin, a hormone made in fat cells that works with the brain to manage energy storage. Reduced leptin may trigger the brain to store more fat. An extract of the Japanese plant ashitaba (as ChalCurb™, from Japan Bio Science Laboratory, distributed by ET Horn) may help increase blood levels of leptin and adiponectin, another fat tissue hormone that helps regulate glucose and fat metabolism, including in the muscle 3 — adiponectin decreases in obesity and rises in weight loss. 576SHFLDOW\RHUVWKHH[FOXVLYH RT NUTRA PROGRAM The RT Nutra Program is the leading insurance solution for the Nutraceutical/Natural Products ΖQGXVWU\2XUSURJUDPRHUVFRYHUDJHIRU General Liability including Products Liability & Excess Liability and is underwritten by an "A XV" rated carrier. 7KH571XWUDSURJUDPRHUV3ULPDU\/LPLW Capacity of up to $10M per occurrence and $20M aggregate. Excess limits up to $50M UHDGLO\DYDLODEOH:HDOVRRHUDZLGHUDQJHRI GHGXFWLEOHVDQGFRYHUDJHHQKDQFHPHQWVZLWK OLPLWHGLQJUHGLHQWH[FOXVLRQV&RYHUDJHFDQEH WDLORUHGWR•W\RXUQHHGV Contact Denise Pepin, Senior VP 312.379.8230 | 576SHFLDOW\//&57DVXEVLGLDU\RI5\DQ6SHFLDOW\*URXS//&SURYLGHVZKROHVDOHEURNHUDJHDQGRWKHUVHUYLFHVWRDJHQWVDQGEURNHUV57LVD'HODZDUH OLPLWHGOLDELOLW\FRPSDQ\EDVHGLQΖOOLQRLV$VDZKROHVDOHEURNHU57GRHVQRWVROLFLWLQVXUDQFHIURPWKHSXEOLF6RPHSURGXFWVPD\RQO\EHDYDLODEOHLQ FHUWDLQVWDWHVDQGVRPHSURGXFWVPD\RQO\EHDYDLODEOHIURPVXUSOXVOLQHVLQVXUHUVΖQ&DOLIRUQLD576SHFLDOW\ΖQVXUDQFH6HUYLFHV//&/LFHQVH* ©2018 Ryan Specialty Group, LLC Sports Nutrition: Athletes with Specialized Diets Neurosports at SupplySide West Muscles may be the Instagram-able stars of an athlete's body, but they are nothing without the brain's input. Learn more about neurosports and the role of the brain in sports performance during the "Neurosports: Inside the Brain for Improved Performance" Workshop on Saturday, Nov. 10 at 8:30 a.m. at SupplySide West in Las Vegas. Scan Here

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