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32 INSIDER November/December 2018 Certain compounds are marketed for blocking absorption of carbs. A white kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) extract ingredient (as Phase2 carb Controller ® , from Pharmachem) was shown to inhibit alpha-amylase enzymes from breaking down starch (carbs) for absorption in the small intestines; this inhibition increased weight loss. 4 Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) has a similar effect on alpha-amylase and reduces the glycemic response to starch ingestion. 5 Feeling full may help curtail caloric intake. Hunger hormones and peptides, including ghrelin and cholecystokinin (CCK), are involved in hunger-satiety signaling. Ingredients impacting satiety through such signaling include glycomacropeptide, a protein extract (as Slendesta ® , from Kemin Health) and dietary fi bers such as galacto- oligosaccaride (GOS), fructo- oligosaccharide (FOS) and beta-glucans from oats and barley. Future of Sports Dieting As long as athletes and active consumers strive to lose fat and increase muscle mass, there will be plenty of diet plans on offer. Some sports nutrition brands avoid targeting any one diet. "We don't agree with some popular, restrictive diets, because we don't believe it's a success to lose 20 lbs if you gain it all back when you start eating more carbs or transition into a different diet," said Kaelin Tuell Poulin, founder of LadyBoss, which makes sports nutrition products for women. She further stated restrictive diets can rob the body of essential nutrients. "The word diet implies you are taking something out, which we don't recommend," she said. "For example, the keto diet encourages users to eliminate carbohydrates from their diets, but research has shown the body needs carbohydrates to function." Instead, LadyBoss teaches people to focus on the source of nutrition instead of restricting themselves from reaching optimal performance. "We believe all macros are important to the body and its success," Tuell Poulin said. "Fad diets don't work, and that's why we make our products as simple, delicious and enjoyable for our customers." There is no one-size-fi ts-all diet for athletes, and most diets can be effective under the right circumstances. "A wide range of dietary approaches (low-fat to low-carb/ketogenic, and all points between) can be similarly effective for improving body composition, and this allows fl exibility with program design," ISSN concluded. "The long-term success of a diet depends upon compliance and suppression or circumvention of mitigating factors such as adaptive thermogenesis." Whichever diet an athlete or active consumer chooses, supplements can help them achieve their diet, body composition and, ultimately, performance goals. • 410-754-8141 • Visit us at SupplySide West Booth# 5542 Fulfillment Service Inc. SISK Scan for more details & contact us today. • • NSF cGMP COMPLIANCE • TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY CONTROL • RETURNS MANAGEMENT • HIGH VOLUME ORDER CAPACITY • SAME DAY ORDER FULFILLMENT • LOT # AND EXPIRATION DATE CONTROL For a list of references, email Sports Nutrition: Athletes with Specialized Diets

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