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NOV-DEC 2018

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the foods and drinks they buy. Our industry has a responsibility to address knowledge gaps, fears and misunderstandings by providing sound and simple explanations." She pointed to vitamins and minerals as examples of healthy ingredients with common source names that may not be perceived as clean label. "It can be very diffi cult to source alternative ingredients that deliver the same nutrient potency and stability," she shared. "This creates a very complex sourcing, formulation and costing challenge." Daughenbaugh said these issues must be tackled by the entire food sector and across entire organizations. "At Corbion, responsible, transparent ingredient labeling is not only the job of our regulatory team. We come together across many functions to ensure we are educated and able to support responsible labeling from concept to commercialization." Taormina also supported the industry- wide philosophy. "Distributors and retailers are an extra line of defense when it comes to protecting consumers from greenwashing. Business buyers and sellers should feel empowered to ask smart, detailed questions of the brands that are making label claims that are not third-party verifi ed." One highlight of the clean label movement has been the willingness of business competitors to work together to advance the common good. "As humans, we are collectively rooting for a sustainable and plentiful future—we just may have different views on how best to get there," Hughes commented. He said Organic Valley made a hard stance long ago in committing to produce food without the use of substances such as antibiotics, synthetic pesticides, GMOs and synthetic growth hormones. "While it creates more competition for us, we openly cheer as the industry tips in our direction and more companies embrace sustainable practices." Organic Valley also supports industry camaraderie. "When we learned that there was signifi cant confusion about whether or not organic foods were produced without GMOs, we created a communication tool—a bug that can be used on packaging—that tells consumers 'Organic is Always Non-GMO.'" Hughes said. The company offers it to other organic food producers to use at no cost. Clean label is a complex arena—one that many industry organizations are making great strides in advancing. Zalesny maintained, "Most consumers are looking for recognizable ingredients. For some, it means easy-to-pronounce ingredients; to others, it may mean a short ingredient deck. Organic ingredients may be important to other consumers. 'Clean label' can be a rather amorphous target to try and hit." Due diligence is key, particularly when it comes to communication. Daughenbaugh recommended, "Being extremely transparent and very clear about what the ingredient is and what regulations guided its declaration is the only way to avoid misunderstandings or wrongdoings." DIETARY SUPPLEMENT FORMUL ATION THE EASY WAY GENESIS R&D ® SUPPLEMENT FORMULATION & LABELING SOFTWARE • eliminates the need for spreadsheets • generates regulatory-compliant labels • integrates across the entire commercial value chain • tracks each phase of supplement development in one place • and much more Contact us today to start simplifying your workload. Supplement Formulation & Labeling | | 503-585-6242 Visit us at Booth #2933 during SupplySide West Food & Beverage: Clean Label vs. Clean Washing

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