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NOV-DEC 2018

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25 25 Y 25 25 25 Y 25 Y 25 Y 25 25 25 25 Y 25 ears ears ears Y ears Y ears Y ears Y ears ears Y A y u r v e da i n t o t h e F u t u r e ® O RC AS NATURALS Why Orcas Naturals? Orcas Naturals is a best-in-class manufacturer and supplier of nutritional ingredients, organic powders and botanical extracts. Our 25-year history has established Orcas as both an innovator and trusted intermediate between idea and end product! We continue to lead with our founding mission of providing great customer service, a diverse ingredient portfolio and dependable operations. Yet, our ingenuity pushes us one step ahead to o• er in-house, state-of-the-art laboratory assessment of incoming and outgoing product. Your success is our success – therefore we are committed to your entire process – concept to complete launch. Find out more about us by visiting -FOFM3PBE-BOEJOH/+t03$"4 t$VTUPNFS4FSWJDF!0SDBT/BUVSBMTDPN Ga rc i n i a C a m bo g i a B r o m e l a i n B e et J u i ce P o w d e r No n i G r e en C o e e B e an s B o s w e lli a S er r a t a A m l a Po m e g r an a t e T ri p h a l a T u r m e r i c A c er o l a Ber r y

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