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78 INSIDER November/December 2018 Millennials are one of the key consumer groups brands want to target. The United States alone has approximately 70 million Millennials, whose annual buying power is worth around US$200 billion, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Digital technology is focusing Millennials on well-being. Ninety-fi ve percent of Millennials follow brands on social media, according to MarketingSherpa, and 87 percent consider their looks important, according to Coresight Research. Selfi es and the glossy lifestyle of health bloggers are increasingly infl uencing younger consumers. The constant focus on image is encouraging them to use social media to fi nd out more about products and beauty experiences. To be successful at this stage, brands must establish a rapport and use digital marketing to differentiate their products from those of their competitors. Target the source: Brands must engage with Millennials directly where they hang out. Snapchat and Instagram are the most popular platforms for Millennials, and devising campaigns that capture their attention is crucial. Brands must understand their demographic's digital habits and the best techniques to capitalize on their purchasing power. Video effectively educates Millennials about product formulation so they can search for the ingredient(s) by name. Bobbi Brown uses videos to target Millennials on Instagram, with the brand's professional makeup artists giving beauty and product advice. Bobbi Brown herself provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the brand through her social media profi les. The power of storytelling: Millennials don't want to simply be sold to, and research has demonstrated that only 1 percent of Millennials would fi nd a compelling advertisement more likely to help them trust a brand, according to a survey conducted by HRC Retail Advisory. Storytelling is powerful, and brands can use this tactic to share why an ingredient or product can help. User-generated content motivates Millennials, and helps consumers understand how products can be adapted to meet specifi c needs. Transparency: Key to customer retention, brands should use social media to honestly engage with their followers. Brands can host Q&A sessions with customers or produce short videos to provide further information about ingredients and the manufacturing process. Compliant customer testimonials are great for online retail, and brands like Sephora use this as the cornerstone of their websites. Alongside comments and a Millennial Beauty Marketing Beauty Products to the Influential Millennial by Lindsey Carnett has offered natural, kosher and organic raw materials, directly from the Amazon as well as other Regions in Brazil, China and Europe for the last 16 years. Top Selling Items: • Acerola • Camu Camu • Collagen type I, II, III • Extra-Green Propolis • Guaraná • Acerola • Beet Root • Black Maca • Camu Camu • Echinacea Purpurea • Guaraná Head Office – Phone: 718.793.2367 • Manuka Honey • Montanoa Tomentosa • Saffron P.E. • Snail P.E. • White Korean Ginseng • Milk Thistle • Propolis • Rhodiola Rosea • Tumeric 95% • White Ginseng • Yerba Mate See us at booth #2274 Organic Items Extract Powders & Powders

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