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Page 93 of 166 79 Millennial Beauty user product-rating system, the beauty store has an online community where users can interact with customer reviews and pick up tips on product pairings. Keep it short and sweet: Millennials have short attention spans, so brands must create simple, bite-sized content to grab their attention. For beauty brands, the use of videos, GIFs, infographics and images can capitalize on user habits of sharing content that is informative and entertaining. Personalization: This helps brands create an intimate connection with a customer. With product promotion, brands should show how the unique formulation solves a problem, making a positive difference to the individual consumer and creating a call to action. By using authentic customer feedback and digital techniques, brands can intimately personalize the experience, making it more likely for Millennials to share their positive experiences. Brands like The Lip Lab target their personalized lip shades at Millennials who want to purchase a piece of affordable luxury they can truly call their own. And more established brands like YSL offer personalized packaging options. User-generated content: By embracing and sharing content produced by followers, brands can demonstrate how their products will help improve the life of their target customer. Millennials respond well to content produced by like-minded individuals, making them more likely to share with their friends. The Beauty Bay focuses on Millennial consumers, and its use of user-generated content is key to its success. Sharing pictures from happy customers cross- platform, the beauty website promotes new and exclusive products, as well as providing tips, tricks and trends for its customers. Social media infl uencers: Popular Instagrammers and YouTubers speak directly to Millennials, creating an authentic connection for beauty manufacturers to use in their marketing strategy. Creative content and an endorsement from a social infl uencer can truly boost a brand's presence, not to mention reap rewards for both parties. The Benefi t brand works with social media infl uencers to demonstrate its skin care and makeup in action and provide application tips. As brands seek to attract Millennials, it is crucial they use digital media to capture the attention of an audience that continues to elude advertisers. Beauty brands must not be afraid to try innovative online marketing techniques in their quest to attract the most lucrative customer of all—the one who will deliver unwavering loyalty and lifetime value. Lindsey Carnett (lindsey@ is CEO and president of Marketing Maven (, an Inc. 5000 ranked integrated marketing fi rm recognized nationally in the bea uty and health care categories by third-party ranking company O'Dwyer's PR. OFFICIAL CATEGORY SPONSORS NOV 8-9 2018 LAS VEGAS *As of 9/28/2018 Offi cial Vitamins Sponsor Offi cial Probiotics Sponsor Offi cial Soft Gel Sponsor Offi cial Legal & Regulatory Partner Offi cial Natural Astaxanthin Sponsor Offi cial Digestive Health Sponsor Offi cial Curcumin Sponsor Offi cial Sports Nutrition Sponsor Offi cial Clean Label Sponsor Offi cial Collagen Protein Sponsor Beauty from Within Highly Purifi ed Sodium Hyaluronate Offi cial Beauty Sponsor Offi cial Labs Services Sponsor Offi cial Flavor Sponsor A product by Offi cial Glutathione Sponsor ™ INDUSTRIAL HEMP PROCESSOR Offi cial CBD Sponsor

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