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NOV-DEC 2018

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Page 99 of 166 85 Cognitive Health desire a nutritional supplement or ingredient to keep memory and brain function healthy. Given that those under 40 are looking for solutions, this makes them a receptive target market for cognitive supplements or fortifi ed food and beverage products. This compares to one-third of Boomers, suggesting either their lack of belief in supplement effi cacy for cognitive health, or concern that it may be "too late" to effect a meaningful change. Nearly three-fourths (74 percent) of U.S. adults feel mental/brain health is important. Compared to levels of satisfaction with mental/brain health, a wide gap is clear. On average, only one-third (32 percent) of adult consumers are very satisfi ed, creating unmet need states and respective opportunities across the supply chain. Lack of satisfaction compared to perceived importance is consistent across all age groups. Millennials (43 percent difference), Gen X (42 percent), Boomers (43 percent) and matures (39 percent) all show large gaps between importance of and satisfaction with cognitive health. Based on these gaps, consumers may benefi t from products and services geared toward mental performance at all stages of their adult lives. With the addition of their proactive beliefs, consumers under 40 are prime targets for many companies to provide new products and ways for consumers to maintain cognitive health and fi ght mental deterioration. Cognition is clearly a lifelong challenge, which in turn creates opportunities for a health benefi t platform with innovative solutions for all. Steve French (steve.french@ is a managing partner at the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI, NMI is a strategic consulting, market research and business development fi rm specializing in the health, wellness and sustainability marketplace. 70 7JTJUVTBU4VQQMZ4JEF8FTU #PPUI $XWKHQWLF%RWDQLFDO([WUDFWV $1,62&203$1< LQIR#SK\WRH[WUDFWVNSFRP ZZZSK\WRH[WUDFWVNSFRP , Source: NMI's Healthy Aging Database Importance of Mental/Brain Health vs. Satisfaction with Mental/Brain Health ■ Very Important ■ Very satisfi ed 73 % Satisfaction-Importance Gap 30 % 70 % 28 % 76 % 33 % 84 % 45 % Millennials Generation X Boomers Matures -43 % -42 % -43 % -39 %

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