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10 INSIDER March/April 2019 glucose maintenance and insulin sensitivity. This increase was observed along with a decreased leptin/adiponectin ratio and lower values of leptin. "The leptin/adiponectin ratio has been recognized as an indicator of atherosclerosis with lower values as a healthy indicator," explained Shaheen Majeed, president worldwide, Sabinsa. The trial also indicated lower levels of pro-infl ammatory cytokine TNFα in C3 Complex/BioPerine group. Another potential "new frontier" for curcumin could be its effects on the gut microbiota. "Curcumin has received increased clinical attention for a variety of health benefi ts, the most recent of which is on the effects of curcumin and turmeric on the gut microbiota," Majeed said. A 2018 publication found that while both turmeric and curcuminoids had similar qualitative effects on the intestinal bacterial population, curcuminoids (as Curcumin C3 Complex) had a far larger quantitative effect, indicating curcuminoids in turmeric are the dominant components in infl uencing the bacterial population. 10 "Thus, curcuminoids have a unique role and effect on the gut microbiome; they are not only metabolized to useful products, such as reductive metabolites like tetrahydrocurcumin (by E. coli) and to demethylated curcuminoids (by Blautia sp.) as demonstrated by previous researchers, but they also increase the population of several species of gut microbiome," Majeed explained. Demonstrating its potential to aid in cognitive preservation, recent research used the fl uorescent properties of a curcumin ingredient (as Longvida ® , from Verdure Sciences) to develop a non- invasive method of detecting cognitive and retinal amyloid beta (Aß) plaque build-up, a central factor in Alzheimer's disease and dementia. 11 The study used Longvida to bind to Aß, used non-invasive high- resolution imaging to safely assess the human subjects' Aß burden and pre-screen individuals at risk for cognitive impairment, explained Kristen Marshall, marketing coordinator, Verdure Sciences. For athletes, the compound could offer numerous benefi ts. In a 2016 publication, administration of 400 mg/d curcumin (as Longvida) two days prior to and for four days following exercise-induced muscle damage reduced biological infl ammation, but not quadriceps muscle soreness, during recovery. 12 Study authors reported: "The observed improvements in biological infl ammation may translate to faster recovery and improved functional capacity during subsequent exercise sessions." In a double-blind, randomized, controlled trial, curcumin reduced muscle soreness and myoglobin concentration in athletes following a half-marathon run. 13 Twenty-eight subjects were administered either C. Longa L. extract or placebo taken twice daily for four weeks, then three capsules immediately before the half marathon. Measurements were made at baseline, 20 days after supplementation, immediately before and after the half marathon, two hours after the half marathon, 24 hours after the half marathon and 48 hours after the half marathon. Curcumin decreased muscle soreness in palpation of biceps femoris 48 hours after half-marathon run and showed lower myoglobin concentrations two hours post competition compared to placebo. Results of a different study found curcumin may reduce pain and, potentially, infl ammation following plyometric exercise. 14 However, authors indicated future studies are needed to confi rm the effi cacy of curcumin for relieving signs and symptoms of exercise-induced muscle damage. Innovation and Effi cacy Curcumin is an ingredient in high demand, which means product developers are looking for exciting and relevant ways to capture interested consumers, whether that means introducing new delivery options or utilizing ingredients or technologies that improve curcumin's absorption. Supplements: Curcumin "Curcumin has received increased clinical attention for a variety of health benefits, the most recent of which is on the effects of curcumin and turmeric on the gut microbiota." —Shaheen Majeed, president worldwide, Sabinsa A review of diet and nutrition products containing turmeric or curcumin at Natural Products Expo West 2018 showed specialty formula supplements led the market, representing nearly half of products containing curcumin or turmeric, according to the New Hope Network NEXT Trend Database. Representing about 50 diet and nutrition products containing turmeric or curcumin, this chart indicates leading product categories. Source: New Hope Network NEXT Trend Database Expo West 2018 Specialty Formula Supplements Energy, Protein & Muscle Recovery Drinks Digestive & Fiber Supplements Snack, Energy & Granola Bars Ayurvedic Supplements Market Snapshot for Curcumin/Turmeric Supplements

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