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MAR-APR 2019

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recreate a natural turmeric matrix by polar-nonpolar sandwich (PNS) technology. "This technology increases the bioavailability of the curcumin with the help of active constituents (non-curcuminoids) which enhance the blood barrier crossing of curcumin effectively," Gopi said. "The bioactive molecules other than curcumin also contribute to the synergistic effect of Cureit to enhance bioavailability." 21,22 Improving bioavailability of curcumin is a priority in the category "because its absorption is tied to its benefi ts," said Brian Appell, marketing manager, OmniActive Health Technologies. Other innovation objectives in the curcumin space include formula fl exibility and blend strategies, he said. "Formula fl exibility, whether it's reducing staining or discoloration in powder formulas, will continue to be a focus for formulators who want to include curcumin in alternative applications without turning everything orange," he said. "Blend strategies will also continue to show up in the curcumin space—combining synergistic ingredients with curcumin for a greater benefi t that potentially works faster." Rachela Mohr, business development manager, Wacker Biosolutions, offered similar sentiments. "Many combination products are emerging that combine the benefi ts of well-established ingredients with innovative solutions for targeting specifi c customer demands, e.g., accelerated recovery after exercise. For example, curcumin and CoQ10." Wacker's cyclodextrin-based curcumin formulation CAVACURMIN ® has shown 40 times greater bioavailability compared to pure turmeric extract and other commecial curcumin products. 2 3 Another potential partner for curcumin? Cannabidiol (CBD), Garner said. "The anti-infl ammatory benefi ts combined with the synergistic pain management and stress management benefi ts of CBD will be a great innovative product." IM further pointed to delivery methods as a focal point for innovation. "Apart from the tablets, capsules and softgels, there is an emerging interest for food-based novel delivery forms, such as gummies, sachets, protein/granola bars, meal-replacement shakes, powder supplements, etc." Driving innovation, Appell said, is consumer need and differentiation. "People are grouping health benefi ts together," he explained. "For example, they may want a supplement that protects against age-related cognitive decline but also want something that helps with focus. And they want it in a convenient dose. "The other impetus behind innovation is differentiation," he continued. "The curcumin space is crowded and growing, and it's forcing companies to rethink their strategy to bring something to market that resonates with consumers." CREATING TOMORROW'S SOLUTIONS By formulating with CAVACURMIN ® you can create highly bioavailable curcumin supplements. This innovative complex empowers your product range – in various possible dosage forms: liquid, powder, gummy, capsule or tablet. CAVACURMIN ® combines the outstanding characteristics of natural curcumin extract with an ideal carrier: cyclodextrin. Its unique advantages are: • Absorbed about 40 times better than other curcumin products – clinically proven in a peer-reviewed study • Dispersible in aqueous solutions • Free from gluten, lactose, fructose, gelatin and artifi cial colors • No E-number Discover all details by visiting Wacker Chemical Corporation, Tel. 00 800-6279-0800,, HIGHLY BIOAVAIL ABLE CURCUMIN – NE W POWER FOR YOUR FORMUL ATION Supplements: Curcumin For a list of references, email

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