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MAR-APR 2019

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66 INSIDER March/April 2019 coenzyme Q10 formulations with a novel solubilizate (Solu™ Q10)," lended support, concluding "solubilizates were clearly superior to oily dispersions and crystalline CoQ10 in their overall bioavailability, with the best absorption characteristics seen for the novel Solu™ Q10 [identical in makeup to what is now under the NovaSOL trademark] solubilizate." 10 Another company combatting CoQ10's solubility concerns is Tishcon Corp. "Ubiquinol is very unstable," said Marko Rosa, product manager, Tishcon Corp. That's why Tishcon invented its patented stable liquid ubiquinol. "It's a combination of solubilizing the material and combining the ascorbyl palmitate, which kind of turns it into a perpetual ubiquinol factory because as the ubiquinol oxidizes [into ubiquinone] in that environment, it's automatically being converted back to ubiquinol," Rosa said. SGTI has also been working on a formulation that prevents ubiquinol from oxidizing. Holtby explained: "Soft Gel Technologies Inc. has developed a patent-pending formula to protect ubiquinol from being oxidized. Using Soft Gel's crystal-free (CF) technology, CoQH-CF ® was created. This unique softgel delivery system with Kaneka QH™ [from Kaneka Corp.] allows individuals who are unable to process CoQ10 effectively on their own … to increase plasma levels of CoQ10 in its reduced form. CoQH-CF ® softgels contain a liquid inner fi ll of Kaneka QH™, alpha lipoic acid, d-limonene and capric and caprylic acid. This solution protects the Kaneka QH™ material from oxidation and crystallization." Solubility isn't the only challenge facing manufacturers. Differentiation in the market is also important, Benham noted. "It is vital to differentiate fi nished products beyond mere price competition," he said. "One way to achieve such differentiation is to focus on scientifi cally proven value-add formulas, such as NovaSOL. Another way is to consider alternative fi nished product formats other than capsules, such as liquid sticks or shots." Additionally, the production process can be tricky. "CoQ10 is known to be light-sensitive," Holtby said. "Ubiquinol, especially, is easily oxidized and requires strong protection throughout the production process to ensure its stability." With so many products on the market, ensuring a CoQ10 product is both effective and convenient is key to standing out. So, what's next for the competitive CoQ10 market? "For sure, more innovative fi nished product formats are required to revitalize CoQ10 business," Benham said. "Beyond its traditional positioning in cardiovascular health, it is worth it to explore the available science on benefi ts in other segments." For Rosa, the next step is increased education of the consumer base about the benefi ts of CoQ10 supplementation. "Many of the challenges have been overcome…so at this stage, I think it's more the awareness and education." 800.360.SGTI • • shields ubiquinol from oxygen A New Level of Protection *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. shields ubiquinol from oxygen Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. has perfected a solution to keep the reduced form of CoQ 10 just that – reduced. Our CoQH-CF ® so the body can effectively use this important antioxidant for optimum health, longevity, and vitality. Take your brand to a new level with an innovative and clinically studied product. CoQH-CF ® . CONTACT US TODAY. Using our patented, crystal-free (CF) technology, this formula protects ubiquinol from being oxidized. For a list of references, email CoQ10

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