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MAR-APR 2019

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70 INSIDER March/April 2019 Albion Minerals also tackles the challenge of bioavailability with its magnesium bisglycinate chelate. Magnesium supplementation has a tricky history of not fully being absorbed by the body, so Albion's approach was to make its magnesium as soluble as possible without any of the laxative effects associated with magnesium. Company scientists bonded magnesium with amino acids, which the body easily recognizes and absorbs. These chelated forms of magnesium are highly functional nutritionally as they have been shown to provide increased bioavailability, tolerance and the stability to remain intact throughout the gastrointestinal system. "There is an increasing interest in magnesium for supporting brain health and emotional wellness," said Todd Johnson, senior director of marketing, Albion. "While the mechanisms of the antidepressant actions of magnesium are not fully understood, the mineral infl uences several systems associated with depression." Albion highlighted several studies that support magnesium's effect on the brain. In one recent study, magnesium was demonstrated as a valuable tool in the management of depression. 6 Another found a direct effect of magnesium on mood, emotions and reactions to stress, and found that low levels of the mineral could contribute to hyper-emotionality. 7 And a third study suggested magnesium defi ciency may be a major cause of treatment-resistant depression. 8 Remember the aforementioned "mineral king" calcium? Well, Jost Chemical offers a proprietary calcium magnesium citrate co-salt in a 2:1 Ca:Mg molar ratio. The micronized product is designed for customers that desire aqueous suspensions of calcium and magnesium with comfortable mouthfeel. Given magnesium impacts more than 360 biomechanical functions and untold effects on the brain, formulators are doing everything in their power to ensure maximum absorption of magnesium in the human body. Until recently, pills have been the primary way supplements were taken. AIDP's Ford suggested consumers are becoming a bit tired of pill delivery forms, which has been termed "pill fatigue." It's no surprise "pill fatigue" has played a part in the growing creativity in magnesium formulation. Fortunately, magnesium is readily available, not just in pills, but in a variety of delivery forms. Solubility remains a high priority for magnesium formulators. Solubility benefi ts the formulator, the brand and the consumer by allowing the magnesium to be placed into liquid products like drinks and be absorbed at a higher rate by the human body. "Magnesium properties are different, depending on your application," explained Julie Imperato, marketing manager, Nexira. "If you want to make food and beverage, you need an extract that is 100 percent soluble, preferentially in powder for an easy incorporation. If you want to make tablets and capsules, you probably need a fi ne powder. And fi nally, if you want to make tablets, you need a granulated powder for better compression." With increased solubility and development of alternative delivery forms, formulators face challenges with taste, texture and organoleptic properties. And there are regulatory considerations when it comes to supplements vs. food. Despite several challenges, magnesium is still primed to make leaps and strides in 2019 and beyond. "The magnesium market is growing immensely and expected to outpace calcium, in terms of mineral sales, within the next few years—less than optimal magnesium status among the population is more widespread than previously thought, and consumer awareness is really mounting," AIDP's Ford said. It should come as no surprise that consumers are noticing and taking control of how supplements can improve their health and well-being. The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) found 76 percent of U.S. adults perceive the dietary supplement industry as trustworthy—an all-time high. 9 As the industry star continues to rise, look for magnesium to play a leading role for years to come. Magnesium Despite several challenges, magnesium is still primed to make leaps and strides in 2019 and beyond. For a list of references, email

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