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MAY-JUN 2019

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Page 17 of 48 naturalproductsinsider . com 13 product should taste and look like. And in the world of food, taste is king. "Some clean label ingredients or plant-based proteins have undesirable aftertastes or chalky textures that cause problems when formulating good-tasting products," said Derek Timm, technical sales director, Taiyo. "In contrast, consumers want clean label products, but expect these products to taste the same or better than the conventional formulations. This causes a disconnect between the consumers' product choices and desired organoleptic expectations that may not lead to repeat purchases." The solution, Timm noted, is targeting clean ingredients that have minimal taste, color or textural impacts. This provides a win-win situation for formulators and consumers. "Our prebiotic soluble dietary fi ber made from guar—branded premium ingredient Sunfi ber—is an ideal solution for formulators that want fi ber, but don't want off-fl avors, colors, textures or gel-forming fi bers," he said. Natural citrus fi bers also are gaining popularity as clean label alternatives because they don't compromise texture, stability or quality. Citrus fi bers (as Citri-Fi ® , from Fiberstar) provide functionalities such as high-water holding and emulsifi cation properties that improve a product's quality while contributing to fi ber claims. "Citri-Fi can be labeled as citrus fi ber, dried citrus pulp or citrus fl our," Villwock said, which "resonate well in the natural and clean label markets." In meat and poultry applications, citrus fi ber can improve yields, reduce purge, increase juicy texture and replace phosphates when used with other ingredient solutions such as rice starch, carrageenan or sodium carbonate. In bakery, it improves freshness over time, moisture retention, natural emulsifi cation and texture after freeze/thaw conditions. "When Citri-Fi is exposed to high shear, this natural fi ber opens more to provide additional viscosity and stabilization, which is benefi cial for sauces, dressings, dairy and beverage products," he added. Market Opportunities Historically associated with the bakery, bars and cereals categories, brands are rolling out innovative fi ber-enriched products across a range of applications, including beverages, dairy, confectionery and meat to help bridge the fi ber gap. "Nondairy applications such as alternative milks and plant-based yogurts are using chicory root fi ber for its ability to provide creaminess and reduce sugar," Krause said. "Meal replacement applications, such as beverages and cookies, also are using chicory fi ber for these same benefi ts, all while providing a healthy source of prebiotic fi ber." In dairy applications, he said oligofructose can be used in conjunction with high-intensity sweeteners to help mask undesired off-tastes, while inulin contributes to body and creamy mouthfeel, making it particularly suitable for fi ber-enriched beverages like meal replacement beverages, coffee drinks, smoothies or chocolate shakes. "Interest in fi ber-rich bars and beverages is increasing—meeting the needs for today's busy consumers who are seeking out convenient and portable meal replacement options that meet their needs for high fi ber and a dense nutritional profi le," Karcher said. "We're also seeing fi ber show up more in products such as juice beverages and indulgent treats in an effort to help consumers close the gap between the recommended daily value and their actual consumption." Timm said there's been an uptick in fi ber fortifi cation in ready-to-drink (RTD) and powdered weight management shake categories "to help increase the satiety effect and enhance their effectiveness." He also said bar manufacturers are using more fi bers for formulations to reduce digestible carbs and become more keto-friendly. "Any products focusing on gut health are looking to fi bers to help support their digestive claims and play in the burgeoning gut microbiome space," he added. Food & Beverage: Better-for-You Fiber For a list of references, email Achieving athletic goals with real micellar casein ingenuity i n g r e d i a - a m e r i c a @ i n g r e d i a . c o m Muscle recovery Increased satiety Excellent fluidity

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