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10 INSIDER July /August 2019 In a four-year randomized, double- blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, 236 postmenopausal women were given 1,600 mg/d of calcium supplements with a check-in period of six months. Results showed long-term administration of calcium supplements to older women may partially reverse age-related bone loss. 20 Acting as a partner to calcium by further supporting bone health and preventing calcifi cation of arteries is vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 activates osteocalcin, a protein hormone found in bone, which binds calcium and integrates it into the bone matrix. "Without adequate vitamin K2 activation of osteocalcin, not enough calcium is absorbed into the bones," 21 Ford stated. "Excess calcium can also be harmful when deposited in soft tissues like arteries. Vitamin K2 MK-7 helps to bind excess calcium to prevent harmful deposits and helps restore arterial fl exibility. It helps keep calcium in balance." Current literature also lends credit to vitamin K2's ability to lessen some of the potential negative side effects of calcium supplementation. 20 In postmenopausal w omen, 180 mcg/d of vitamin K2 (as MenaQ7, from NattoPharma) provided statistically signifi cant protection of the vertebrae and hip (femoral neck) against bone loss. 23 A 2019 study showed daily use of Pycnogenol in the form of a topical patch improved osteoarthritis symptoms, reducing the need for NSAID painkillers. 24 Pomegranate extract (as Pomella) has been shown to inhibit collagen degradation and support anti-infl ammatory effects, which indicates possible joint health support opportunities for individuals trying to supplement their health with physical activi ty. 25 BOOTH #6531 VISIT US AT $/($).ǣƜƢƠƜ0-/$../Ƽ -) ƼƤƜƢƠƛǣƽơƝơƻƣƜƛƻƣƣƣơǣƽơƝơƻƣƜƛƻơơƛƜƽ$)!*ǫ+/1$/($).ƻ*(ǣ222ƻ+/1$/($).ƻ*( $/($).#. ).0++'4$)"-2$)"- $ )/.!*-) -'44 -./*/# !**¤)0/-$/$*)' 1 -" $)0./-$ .£ 1'0 !0)( )/'..0#./# $(+*-/) *!#$"#,0'$/4+-*0/.¤ 0./*( -. -1$ )/-" / '$1 -4/$( .£0-&)*2' " ) 3+ -/$. *)/$)0 ./*-* )*0- +-*0/+*-/!*'$*/*( /4*0-++'$/$*)- ,0$- ( )/.£ *$)0.$)!*-*0-/#))$1 -.-4 VITAMINS – AMINO ACIDS – SPECIALTY INGREDIENTS &XVWRPHU6DWLVIDFWLRQ 0'$/42 )"- $ )/.ƙ

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