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APR 2012

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The Evolution of the Nutrition Industry W hile consumers still believe nutrition is a credible avenue to enhance health, the industry must move to optimize its market potential by developing novel, well-differentiated and clinically validated products. To help companies capitalize on the trends driving consumer value of nutritional products, a special report—"The Evolution of the Nutrition Industry" (supplysidestore. com/evolution)—is available for on-demand download in the SupplySide Store. This special report examines consumer demographic trends, regulatory and clinical research concerns, and the adoption of new nutrient-development paradigms. Report At A Glance Several major factors have shaped the cur rent state of the nut r i t ion industry. One of the most significant was the passage of the Dietar y Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). The law of ficially def ined dietary supplements as a category of foods and included a variety of ingredients as covered Special Report: the Nutrition Industry The Evolution of Find out how you can capitalize on the trends that are driving consumer value of nutritional products. under the law. Of par t icular note was the addi t ion of botanicals to the "nutrients" category of dietary ingredients, although such botanicals a re of t en se en by co n s ume r s and health care professionals as "medicines" wi th pharmacological ef fects. Addi t ional factors include a nut rient -development paradigm yielding many new nut rients with only modest cl inical evidence to validate their claims, increasing bad press causing a loss of consumer confidence, consumer dissatisfaction wi th products that don't del iver measurable biological improvements, and a market consolidation achieved by mergers and acquisitions hit ting mainly nutrient suppliers. To establish itself as a credible branch of health care and continue to grow and flourish, the industry, it is believed, will need to change its operational paradigm to one that consists of ident i f ying consumer On-Demand Insight & Education for the Health & Nutrition Industry 20 INSIDER ¥ APRIL 2012 segments with clear nutritional needs, and satisfying those needs with clusters of science-based and clinically validated nutrients and products addressing all facets of that specific nutritional need. Four consumer segmentations are beginning to surface: the healthy population, populations with special nutritional needs, populations at risk of contracting a disease and a condition- specific segment. SUPPLYSIDE INSIGHTS

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