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APR 2012

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Diabetes Management Highlights The trace mineral chromium can help boost insulin activity, and research shows it may be more bioavailable when consumed as a supplement rather than through food. Herbs including gymnema, pterostilbene, banaba and Coccinia indica can lower both fasting and post-meal blood glucose levels, reducing the major complication of diabetes. Carb blockers, such as white bean extract, fiber and seaweed, can be eaten before or with meals of moderate amounts of carbohydrates to help reduce the glycemic load, which reduces the need for insulin. Keeping Blood Sugar Slow and Steady Using proven natural ingredients to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels for the millions who suffer from diabetes and prediabetes P by Sandy Almendarez aula Deen brought diabetes management into the headlines in January 2012 when she revealed she had been suf fering from type 2 diabetes for three years. With 2 million Americans diagnosed each year with the insulin-resistance disease, it was not the diagnosis that got the public talking. The cook is known for her high-fat, carb- loving comfort foods. The fact that she had the disease for years while still promoting unhealthy food options would have caused alarm on its own, but things got worse for heal thy living advocates when she revealed she was a spokesperson for Novo Nordisk, makers of the diabetes drug Victoza. Perhaps if Deen had eaten better or had paid more attention to her health, she would not need to take prescription drugs, critics argued. Indeed, nutrition plays a big part in both types of diabetes, but type 2 diabetes is much better managed through diet and lifestyle. In fact, six weeks after the news broke, Deen said she would start offering healthier versions of her foods in upcoming episodes of her Food Network show. While it's most certain nutrition affects Healthy blood sugar levels can be maintained by reducing sugar intake, exercising to stimulate insulin production, and adding natural ingredients to type 2 diabetes, dietary supplements are not allowed to claim they cure, treat, prevent or mitigate diseases in the United States. However, under structure/function claims allowed by FDA, product manufacturers can address how products help maintain healthy levels of blood sugar and insulin, Sponsored by: the diet that can affect glucose production or absorption. a hormone produced by the pancreas to control blood sugar. The type of wording may even help open a wider range of consumers for these products, as maintaining healthy blood glucose and insulin levels will reduce cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes risk for those who do not already suffer from the disease. Even if a person doesn't have diabetes, it's wise to manage blood sugar levels and metabolism to avoid onset of diabetes or other health conditions, such as heart disease or obesity. Heal thy blood sugar levels can be maintained by reducing sugar intake, exercising to stimulate insulin production, and adding natural ingredients to the diet that can af fect glucose production or absorption. These ingredients are now available in capsules, tablets, powers and funct ional foods, and they each have a different mechanism of action. Thankfully, research has not only shown these ingredients work, but how they can help manage blood sugar levels. Chromium Chromium, an essential trace mineral, can boost insulin activity in the body by enabling the hormone to bind to its receptor and enhancing insulin-dependent function, according to a review of chromium research from 1959 to 1980.1 It's found in whole grains and eggs, but may be better absorbed by the body when taken in the supplement forms chromium picolinate, chromium polynicotinate and chromium 22 INSIDER ¥ APRIL 2012 DIABETES

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