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APR 2012

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research, supplementation with stevioside in type 2 diabetic patients reduced postprandial blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetic patients compared to corn starch, indicating beneficial effects on glucose metabolism.48 Sucromal t, der ived from sucrose and maltose, is considered GRAS, so it too can be used in low-sugar foods and beverages. A 2009 study reported a diet consisting of 47 percent energy from carbohydrate (mostly sucromalt) reduced blood glucose response, peak plasma glucose concentrations and plasma insul in responses in type 2 diabetes patients compared to a "standard diet" of 55 percent energy from carbohydrate.49 erithritol dissolved in 300 ml of water, blood glucose did not show a marked increase compared with 30 g isomalt.52 Fish Oil Fish oil can also aid those with diabetes by reducing heart disease. A 2003 study from Circulation reported a higher consumption of fish and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids was associated with a lower coronary heart disease (CHD) incidence and total mor tality among diabetic women. 53 A 2009 systematic A 2008 study found sucromalt elicited reduced glucose and insulin responses compared to high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), most likely related to di f ferences in rate of digestion and absorption.50 Research in 2011 on the sugar alcohol xylitol found it was more effective than sucrose at maintaining diabetes-related parameters, such as fasting blood glucose, in nondiabetic rats.51 And 2002 Russian research noted after patients with type 2 diabetes ingested 30 g review and meta-analysis confirmed omega-3 polyunsaturated fat ty acids (PUFAs) supplementation decreased triglycerides by 7 percent and increased low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol by 3 percent in patients with type 2 diabetes compared to control, signifying a reduced risk of heart disease.54 A separate meta-analysis conducted by the Mayo Clinic in 2000 reported fish oil supplementation in type 2 diabetes lowered triglycerides and raised LDL cholesterol, but had no statistically significant effect on glycemic control.55 Aid for Nerve Damage Nerve pain and damage (neuropathy) is a common symptom of diabetes and represents a major health problem, as it is responsible for substantial morbidity, increased mortality and impaired quality of life. Alpha lipoic acid, an antioxidant that is both water and fat soluble, given intravenously at a dosage of 600mg/d for three weeks, significantly reduced neuropathic pain, according to a 2010 review from The Netherlands.56 A 1999 German review of 15 clinical trials reported a three-week pilot study of 1,800 mg/d given orally indicated a therapeutic effect, and oral treatment for four to seven months tended to Learn more about the what, where and how of PUREFRUIT™ Download the insight report, "The PUREFRUIT™ and its appeal with consumers! Revolution" and visit Tate & Lyle is a leading provider of high-quality sweeteners, texturants, wellness ingredients and innovative solutions for the food and beverage industry. Our passion for food shines through in everything we do, and we are dedicated to helping our customers create cost-effective, better-tasting, healthier and highly successful foods and drinks. our ingredients – your success ©2012 Tate & Lyle 1.800.526.5728 naturalproductsinsider ¡ com 33 DIABETES

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