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APR 2012

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Preventing Brittleness in Capsules O ften, the first person to notice a cracked and broken capsule is the consumer—obviously the worst-case scenario for any quality manufacturer. When manufacturers hear of brittleness in two-piece capsules, their general inquiries turn to capsule storage conditions or empty capsule manufacturing. While these are both critical players in the stability of capsule shells, many other factors play a role and may cause problems. Manufacturers need to understand how to prevent brittleness from the cradle of the supply chain to the consumer purchase point. Maintaining optimal moisture in capsule shells is key to preventing brittle capsules. Shell moisture must be maintained above 13 percent in two-piece gelatin capsules to prevent breakage. For some hypromellose ( "veggie") capsules, especially those that meet USP dissolution requirements, brittleness can occur when moisture falls below 4 percent. Loss of moisture can combine with other physical factors, such as filling pressures and impact points. Following are areas along the supply chain where capsules commonly become brittle and crack: Warehousing & Transportation Storing capsules in areas that are too hot or cold will affect the moisture level of the capsules. In all storage areas, make by Steve Lee sure capsules are kept within the recommended temperature range listed on the capsule car tons. If the humidity in the warehouse area cannot be controlled, make certain temperature ranges are adhered to. The capsule bag liner will provide some protection against low humidity until the capsule bag has been opened; optimum humidity is very important in the capsule filling room. In warehousing, remember rising heat is trapped near the ceiling levels; as such, it is best to keep capsules away from high rack locations. Hot spots are also found near ceiling lights and HVAC vents. Capsule cartons wrapped in excessive plastic and kept in hot or humid locations can cause a greenhouse ef fect, trapping heat and moisture around capsules. When transporting either empty or filled capsules, treat them as if they were chocolate, being careful to maintain ideal conditions. Formulations Some formulat ions are hygroscopic, meaning they pull moisture from their environment. A gelatin capsule contains more moisture than hypromellose, and tends to lose moisture more quickly. For hygroscopic formulas, a hypromellose capsule is generally a safer bet. Also, for moisture-pulling formulas, consider avoiding the use of colored capsules with high levels of titanium dioxide (the ingredient that makes capsules opaque), CLASSIFIEDS Supplier of non irradiated bulk herbs, raw materials and specialty products Acerola PE American Chondroitin Sulfate 90 & 95% Cranberry PE Cocoa PE Ginkgo Biloba PE Maqui PE Irvingia Gabonensis PE Ginseng Powder & PE Acai PE Guarana PE Resveratrol PE Saw Palmetto PE Shark Cartilage 80 & 200 Mesh Chia Seed Powder Yerba Mate PE Baobab Fruit Powder Vegetable and Fruit Powders ABC is now QAI Organic Certified— please call for prices on our Organic Line. Please give us a call today and find out why doing business with us is as easy as saying ABC! 1IPOF 3BJMSPBE "WF 6OJU t 'BY Visit Our New Website: t $IFTUFS /: $BMM 6T 5PMM 'SFF Suppliers of REAL non irradiated Shark Cartilage Both 80 and 200 Mesh (800) 925-4756 48 INSIDER ¥ APRIL 2012 www. Natural Products VISIT Call 480-990-1101, x1037 CLASSIFIEDS CAPSULES

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