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APR 2012

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VIEWPOINT The Man Behind the Curtain T he phenomenon of Dr. Mehmet Oz amazes me. It 's hard to wrap my mind around how much influence one man has on our industry, and he doesn't even focus on dietary supplements exclusively. But when he does, watch out. We enjoyed his praise for a number of ingredients. The popularity of acai, krill oil and astaxanthin can be partly attributed to comments he said on his show. He said krill oil may be even bet ter than fish oil for fighting diseases, calling it a "faster and stronger" omega-3 source then; now, it's so recognizable it's sold at Costco. He brought Dr. Mercola on his for a segment titled "The No.1 supplement you've never heard of that you should be taking" to praise astaxanthin; soon after, astaxanthin supplier Cyanotech reported it saw a huge increase in demand for the marine ingredient and, as a resul t, increased production. And who can forget how Dr. Oz's praise of acai helped spur so many marketers to create fake news sites selling the superfruit? FDA and FTC are just now cleaning up these unscrupulous business practices with federal enforcement. However, how quickly times can change. In a recent segment titled "Who's Spiking Your Supplements?", Dr. Oz said many supplements are dangerous and contain prescr ipt ion drugs. He ran tests on supplements FDA has already warned consumers against and, as you'd expect, found many of them were adulterated. While no one has argued Dr. Oz's conclusions on the specific supplement were wrong, industry has strongly criticized his one-sided coverage of this problem. In this issue, we help companies navigate the good and the bad of the "Dr. Oz Effect," as it's been termed. PR consultant Suzanne Shelton helps us translate Dr. Oz's messages—both positive and negative— to consumers (page 54), and Cara Welch, Ph.D., from the Natural Products Association (NPA), tells us what Dr. Oz got wrong in his dirty supplement segment (page 55). This issue also offers a look at hot ingredients that help manage diabetes symptoms, a market and formulation update on fiber and prebiotic, and a special section on capsules. I hope you enjoy. Health & Nutrition, Ext. 1108 Publisher and Account Director Jodi Rich, Ext. 1038 Director of Business Development Jim Wagner and Strategic Accounts, Ext. 1123 Strategic Account Director Amber Bennett, Ext. 2515 Senior Account Executive Amy Thorlin, Ext. 1019 Account Director Bonny McColl, Ext. 1240 Account Executives Sarah Prahl, Ext. 1149 Ioana Neacsu, Ext. 1053 Group Editorial Director Heather Granato, Ext. 1305 Editor Sandy Almendarez, Ext. 1282 Senior Editor Steve Myers, Ext. 1210 Online Brand Editor Alissa Marrapodi Content Operations Manager Megan Dinchak Community Director of Content, Douglas J. Peckenpaugh SupplySide Community Supplements Community Manager Pete Croatto Marketing Manager Melissa Berglund Sales/Marketing Assistant Mercedes Tiefenthaler, Ext. 1037 Executive Director, Media Operations Danielle Dunlap Executive Director, Art Dolly Ahles Art Director, Health & Nutrition Andrew Rosseau Advertising Production Manager Kristin LaBarbera, Ext. 2044 Advertising Art Director Israel Laveaga Fulfillment Manager David Hurley Reprints & List Rentals Manager Jennifer Thompson 480-990-1101, Ext. 1170 Subscription Customer Service 800-581-1811 List Rental 480-990-1101, Ext. 2081 Events Department Vice President, Event Director Dana Hicks SupplySide Managing Director Kristin Ringdahl Director, Events Sarah Waschler Education Manager Natasha Hall Senior Event Sales Manager Todd Willis Associate Event Sales Manager Todd Berger Exhibit Operations Manager Scott Feller Vice President, Jon Benninger Sandy Almendarez Editor, Natural Products INSIDER (480) 990-1101 Ext.1282 Chief Executive Officer John Siefert Executive Vice President/CFO Kelly Ridley Jennifer Janos Vice President, Human Resources Heather Wood Vice President, Marketing John Muehling Published by VIRGO Publishing, LLC t 'BY P.O. Box 40079, Phoenix, AZ 85067-0079 5FM Website: 2 INSIDER ¥ APRIL 2012 Controller

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