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32 INSIDER November/December 2016 With the gummy delivery platform representing more than 10 percent of the supplement market in the United States, and projected to grow by over 50 percent the next few years, according to Nutrition Business Journal, it's clear why many brand owners and retailers are looking at adding these types of products to their portfolios. Traditionally, the gummy delivery platform has performed well in the children's market, which will continue to remain strong. However, there appear to be even greater increases in demand in the adult and senior markets. It's possible gummies could also see share transfer from the traditional confectionery market, surpassing current projections. Multivitamin and mineral blends are still the most popular active ingredients in the gummy platform, based on product development requests received by Herbaland Naturals. When formulating gummies, it is important to consider certain factors insignifi cant in other delivery systems. For example, taste is most important, so although gummy manufacturers may have advanced taste-masking techniques, selecting good-tasting raw materials is helpful and produces a more acceptable result, ultimately yielding a greater probability of success for the product. Other factors to consider are color—as many active ingredients can have powerful or sometimes off-putting colors—and of course, dosage, which can be used to determine serving size when given usage rate. Available usage rate in the gummy formula depends on the active(s). On one end of the spectrum, it's possible to have more than 20 percent, typically macronutrient-type ingredients such as protein or fi ber. On the other end, sometimes 0.1 percent of a raw material with a strong bitter or metallic taste is unacceptable. If dosage is known, and usage rate is estimated or determined in the lab, this information can be used to calculate serving size in terms of gummy mass. Typically, maximum usage rate for a multivitamin and mineral premix is approximately 5 percent, and maximum serving size will be a decision for the product's marketing team. Active ingredients that work well in a gummy other than vitamins and minerals include essential fatty acids (EFAs), which remain popular; however, vegan forms, such as fl ax oil, may be occupying more of the fi sh oil market. Plant extracts, in particular fruit, usually work well from a taste and texture perspective. Gelling or thickening agents are added to the gummy formula to provide the structural support needed for the piece to maintain its shape. Traditionally, the original and most popular ingredient for this is gelatin, which is currently sourced from bovine or porcine hides as the most common low-risk option. Gelatin is a robust coagulation agent that performs well with high active usage rates, and produces a bouncy, springy texture many consumers love and expect when eating a gummy product. It is also a multifunctional protein and the lowest cost option in most cases. Disadvantages are primarily due to perception, and the fact that products containing animal-sourced ingredients are limited to the non-vegetarian market. Additional limitations are melting point, as well as the fact that there may be slightly higher regulatory requirements that come with animal-sourced ingredients. As an alternative, Herbaland recently developed a heat-stable vegetarian gelatin formula. The other most popular coagulation agent is pectin, with demand for products using it beginning to surpass the demand for products using gelatin. The main advantage of pectin is it has excellent perception on labels in all markets, is plant sourced and fully vegan, supports cellular and gastrointestinal (GI) health, and products using it have very high Current Formulation Trends in the Nutritional Gummy Market by John Bentley Contract Manufacturing: Alternative Delivery Sy stems DECEMBER 6 • 2PM EST Premium Series W E B I N A R SPEAKERS TRENTON H. NORRIS Senior Partner Arnold & Porter LLP PAUL BOLARVP, Regulatory AffairsPharmavite LLC JAMES R. COUGHLIN, PH.D., CFS President & Founder, Coughlin & Associates: Consultants in Food/ Nutritional/Chemical Toxicology & Safety ANTHONY J. CORTEZ Shareholder Greenberg Traurig, LLP MODERATOR REND AL-MONDHIRY, ESQ. Associate General Counsel CRN California's Proposition 65: Recent Developments in Litigation, Regulation, and Compliance CO-SPONSORED BY: To register, visit

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