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44 INSIDER November/December 2016 "Scientists believe this may be a case of the solution becoming part of the problem and that infl ammation may come about because the body's defense system perceives plaque buildup as foreign and abnormal," Smith said. "When the white blood cells fail in their mission to fi ght, the cells die and become another ingredient in plaque's composition." And almonds may offer another possible benefi t. "Researchers are also studying whether almonds act as an antioxidant to limit oxidative stress, a condition connected to a number of diseases, including heart disease," Smith said. Oxidative stress occurs when chemical reactions in the body create harmful free radicals that damage cells. Probiotic supplementation is on the rise, as probiotics are the fourth best-selling dietary supplement in the United States for 2016, a good jump from their No. 8 position in 2015, according to Probiotics such as Lactobacillus reuteri (L. reuteri ) possess bile salt hydrolase activity that has been proposed to increase the catabolism of bile acids in the small intestine, leading to increased hepatic cholesterol catabolism and ultimately a decrease in cholesterol absorption. "Recent studies have shown that L. reuteri can be effective at reducing serum cholesterol levels that can be predictive of CVD risk," Evans said. 11 One study utilized a supplement capsule format to deliver L. reuteri to subjects and demonstrated the cholesterol-lowering effect of the probiotic was maintained while using this delivery system, according to Evans. "Previous work investigating this effect had utilized a symbiotic relationship between prebiotics and probiotics, such as in an enriched yogurt to ensure its effi cacy." 11 Evans suggested microencapsulation as it is essential for protecting the microorganism from exposure to organic acids, digestive enzymes, hydrogen ions, oxygen and antibacterial compounds, ensuring delivery of highly viable and metabolically active probiotic to the small intestine for desired health benefi ts. 12 Phytosterols are a popular natural ingredient incorporated into many functional foods for heart health. Because of formulation diffi culties, phytosterols incorporated into functional foods must be esterifi ed to vegetable oils, meaning they must be bonded with fatty acid molecules, according to Evans. "Due to this, many current phytosterol-enriched products are plant- or dairy-based, limiting the types of products that can be made with this ingredient." Phytosterols are plant sterols and that function as part of cell membranes in Heart Health Consumer awareness and demand for vitamin K2 has increased, as it can protect arterial function, improving arterial flexibility by inhibiting calcium from depositing.

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