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NOV-DEC 2016

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HEALTHY AGING 1. What ingredients do you offer to help consumers age gracefully? Our Orgen® brand ingredients are perhaps the best ingredients in the marketplace for healthy living and healthy aging. These are 100 percent USDA certified organic vitamins and minerals that are water extracted and standardized from organic fruits, vegetables and botanicals. Because they are water extracted, no synthetic solvents, excipients, carriers or filler material are used. This results in ingredients that are clean and as close to nature as possible. Another advantage that Orgen brand ingredients offer is naturally occurring co-factors and co-nutrients of the same plants. Our gentle water-extraction process ensures we don't just extract the isolate forms of the vitamins/minerals. Rather, we extract the entire complex of active vitamins/minerals, plus the naturally occurring co-factors and co-nutrients that are present in that plant. We believe that helps with the stability, activity and bioavailability of the vitamins/minerals, and helps with a more regulated absorption into the body— avoiding stomach or gastrointestinal (GI) tract irritation/discomfort. 2. What research supports heathy aging products that contain your ingredients? Published scientific literature as well as ongoing studies show and seem to indicate that plant-based nutrition has many advantages for healthy living and aging. Because Orgen brand ingredients are water extracts of organic fruits, vegetables and botanicals, we think this published literature on plant-based nutrition is applicable as well to our plant-based, water-extracted ingredients. Published scientific literature also seems to show that co-factors and co-nutrients play important roles in helping the activity and bioavailability of the vitamins/ minerals, in a similar manner where an enzyme needs its co-factor(s) to properly function. 3. What delivery forms are best suited for your healthy aging ingredients? Our Orgen brand ingredients are incredibly versatile, and can be placed in a variety of different delivery methods and forms. The options range anywhere from tablets/capsules to softgels, gummies, and even beverages and foods. Perhaps an easier route for the delivery format may be to first designate a target demographic, and then appeal to its tastes and preferences. Chances are, the demographic's delivery format preference will be supported by our versatile ingredients. 4. Which demographics would most benefit from your healthy aging ingredients and why? Demographics of all ages would benefit from our ingredients. We live in a world where our day-to-day diets and foods are dynamic. Due to modern 21st century busy lifestyles, most demographics from kids to adults are unable to stick to an exact diet plan every day that will get them proper nutrition. Taking nutrition—such as plant-based organic vitamins/ minerals as part of their daily life—will help ensure that any nutritional deficiencies on that day are covered. We believe an advantage of our ingredients is if that specific vitamin/mineral is not required by the body on that day, it will not be absorbed, and it will not cause stomach irritation. As people age, the body's biochemistry changes, with perhaps some of the biggest changes coming to the GI tract. Lactose intolerance setting in with age is a prime example. We believe our ingredients allow for the body's GI tract to adjust and choose which nutrients are needed by the body, and which ones to skip for that day—meaning the body is not inundated by nutrients it does not need on that day, while getting others that it needs. Contact: Saumil Maheshvari Business Development ADVERTORIAL Orgenetics, Inc. Company Phone: (714)575-0005 Company Website: Contact Email: Supplier SHOWCASE

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