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HEALTHY AGING 1. What ingredients do you offer to help consumers age gracefully? Verdure offers a variety of ingredients that fi nished product manufacturers can utilize in their products for healthy aging. From topical to oral, our ingredients can promote healthy aging from inside and out. For example, Longvida® has been clinically shown to promote healthy cognitive aging, mood, focus and exercise recovery; Pomella®'s antioxidant capacity supports several areas of anti-aging, including cardiovascular, metabolic, oral and skin health; WokVel® promotes joint health; Bacognize® encourages healthy synaptic aging; Thymocid™ supports healthy skin care; Tinofend® has shown immune-supportive properties; Lutevida™ supports neural health; and Calzbone® promotes healthy bone support. 2. What research supports heathy aging products that contain your ingredients? Multiple clinical studies have been done on our ingredients, inherently showcasing the associated healthy aging benefi ts. Most recently, in two clinical trials, Pomella extract signifi cantly improved cardiovascular and glycemic biomarkers (Goyal R et al., 2016). Pomella has also shown protective effects against UVA- (ultraviolet A) and UVB- (ultraviolet B) induced cell damage (Pacheco-Palencia LA et al., 2008) and oral health benefi ts (DiSilvestro RA et al., 2009). Longvida has a multitude of clinicals offering impressive results supporting mood, cognition, vascular health and exercise recovery. Additional studies are underway or awaiting publication building upon cognitive fi ndings and joint health. 3. What delivery forms are best suited for your healthy aging ingredients? Finished product manufacturers and formulators help to create products with delivery methods appropriate to the audiences they target—which may include topicals or cosmetics for skin care, powders or saches softgels, capsules, or a once-daily dose for someone who is on the go. We have seen a trend in dosing associated with clinical dosage. Ease of use is important for optimal compliance and desired results, which when seen by the consumer will likely result in customer loyalty. It does appear consumers are wanting a variety of delivery options for their health regime in addition to the standard capsule or softgel. Natural oral health delivery forms can range from chews and lozenges to mouthwash or toothpaste, again based on the intended effi cacy. 4. Which demographics would most benefi t from your healthy aging ingredients and why? All demographics benefi t from healthy aging ingredients. It is important for customers to fi nd what works best for them and consult with their health care providers to determine the best regime. Healthy lifestyles encourage healthy aging, which includes proper diet and exercise specifi c to individual needs. Ingredients should also be used according to particular supplementation needs, as opposed to broad demographics. For instance, Longvida's exercise- recovery capabilities may cross multiple demographics, including fi rst-time boot campers, endurance athletes or the weekend warrior. Pomella's impact on advanced glycation end-products (AGE) can also enhance health across the demographics—depending on individual factors—when taken orally, as well as the ability to offer healthy skin support topically. Cognitive health also varies across the ages, and therefore it is important to associate applications according to the clinical effi cacy in various demographics. Contact: Kristen Marshall Marketing Coordinator ADVERTORIAL Verdure Sciences ¨ Company Phone: (317)776-3600 Company Website: Contact Email: Supplier SHOWCASE

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