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SupplySide West personalized approach is how nutrition should be delivered. In other words, the word "personal" is how it starts. What is Personalized Nutrition? Personalized nutrition is a process. A process that has less to do with specifi c tests (genetics, proteomics, blood biomarkers, etc.) and more to do with understanding an individual's goals and creating a science-backed path to help them get there. The fi rst step should be a baseline assessment to get personal. Brands need a detailed and nuanced understanding of the individual from the inside—or the "selfi e from the inside." Next, mix the objective with the subjective, and develop a precise understanding of their nutritional needs and opportunities for improvements. The third step is to provide an individualized plan and, lastly, follow it up with assessment, retargeting and readjustment. Rinse and repeat. This feedback loop is another personal component missing from the current general nutrition landscape. It rewards behavior, encourages sustained changes, and re-establishes focus based on the evolving needs of the individual. Throughout the process (baseline assessment, opportunity defi nition, action and assessment), we see science and objective measurements as the foundation for managing and measuring personalized nutrition. The Machines Are Coming Today's computers operate hundreds of thousands of times faster than the human brain, not to mention they can hold far more information. If a task can be turned into an algorithm, a computer will accomplish it better, faster and cheaper than a human. The same holds true for personalized nutrition. Imagine the amount of data contained within a body and compound it with the amount of science published in relation to that body's data. Voila, personalized nutrition on a platter. Many companies are attempting to bring personalized nutrition to the masses by connecting research with the average consumer. However, we need more personalized nutrition studies to be published. Stay tuned, more will be coming soon, and we are very excited about the approach, the data and, most importantly, the results. Personalized nutrition is not only the opportunity to improve customer satisfaction, wellness and health, but it is also the information to propel consumers' 212 daily nutrition decisions. R ony Se llam is CEO of InsideTracker ( He grew up in France and moved to the United States with Deloitte in 1999. He spent 12 years in the health technology sector, where he developed a passion for products at the intersection of science and technology with a mission. The mission of InsideTracker is to transform the way every human being eats, sleeps and moves to live a longer, better life. Follow InsideTracker on Twitter at @InsideTracker. SEPT 25-29 2017 LAS VEGAS Offi cial Vitamins Sponsor Since 2007, Orgenetics, Inc. has been changing the world of vitamins with 100% USDA Organic & All Natural Vitamins from Organic fruits & vegetables as part of the Orgen® brand. These are standardized water extracts, meaning no synthetic solvents, excipients, carriers, or any fi llers. And they contain essential co-factors and co-nutrients that may help to improve the activity and stability of the vitamins. Visit booth BB153 at SupplySide West 2017.

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