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SEP-OCT 2017

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naturalproductsinsider . com 113 SupplySide West car and mopping the fl oor to fi dgeting at your desk creates a slow burn for calories that adds up. It's what weight loss researchers are talking about now. That low-level energy expenditure has turned out to be a key difference in people who lose weight or never gain it in the fi rst place, and the suffering legions waiting for a fl icker of hope on the bathroom scale. Consider those "naturally thin" people you envy. They don't sit still, even when they are at their standing desks (which everyone should have by now). But "supports fi dgeting" would be a diffi cult claim to justify, and that's what coffee is for anyway. The better play might likely come from effectively linking nutrition plans to the millions of Fitbits sitting in nightstand drawers nationwide. STYR Labs is doing that with an activity monitor that prescribes vitamins and a specifi c amount of protein, but there is plenty of white space here. Counting steps is boring until it becomes more actionable information. X steps + Y protein equals "you can have dessert tonight" is a formula people could get behind, but sports nutrition and the weight management category have only fl irted with wearables so far. With everybody in third grade and older carrying a smartphone that tracks movement, it's not hard to see a smart company plugging its products into that 24/7 feedback. That's innovation at the digital level. Innovation at the ingredient level isn't stopping, but the sights have been lowered to target a more shallow trajectory. Not a ton of innovation is left for green tea and caffeine in the post-ephedra age. The sales show that. But don't rule out the appeal of formulations that could boost metabolism more subtly, something closer to NEAT than intervals on the bleacher steps. InterHealth and ChromaDex are targeting metabolism with ingredients that kick-start mitochondria and subcellular mechanisms that drive metabolic function. Sub-jitter thermogenic branded ingredient versions of cinnamon and capsaicin also have promise at the slow-burn end of manipulating the metabolism. Again, pair it with the right app and by-the-numbers progress reports, match it to a deeper product line, and move it into the lifestyle column. All of this is a reminder that weight management is the new reality. It's not about weight loss any more, at least not past the two-week part of the "Lose 10 pounds in two weeks!" pitch. It's about lifestyle. And lifestyle is about people sticking with something over the long haul. And potentially sticking with a product or brand on that journey. As Nutrition Business Journal's ( editor in chief, Rick Polito writes about the trends, deals and developments in the natural nutrition industry, looking for the little companies coming up and the big money coming in. An award-winning journalist, Polito knows that facts and fi gures never tell the whole story, and that the story of this industry has always been about people.

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