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naturalproductsinsider . com 119 SupplySide West cognitive health are helping this category navigate confusing media reports on heart health claims. Interestingly, it is blood pressure that has emergent marketing positioning. For example, GNC's Healthy Blood Pressure formula contains a wide range of ingredients including niacin, grapeseed extract, L-arginine, resveratrol and CoQ10 to support cardiovascular health. The New Chapter brand also offers Blood Pressure Take Care, a blend of grape seed extract, holy basil, maitake mushroom and black currant for blood pressure support. Multivitamins are similarly trying to carve a niche in the heart health space. Manufacturers are including phytosterols in the formulation of multivitamins to claim lowering of cholesterol attributes. Several brands of multivitamins formulated for adults 50 years and older are highlighting heart health benefi ts. Probiotics are the relative newcomers in the heart health space. Some probiotic strains have been engineered to produce heart health benefi ts. Brands such as Nature's Bounty Cardio Health and UP4 Heart Health are examples of probiotics brands promoting heart health in retail channels. As heart health continues to evolve, women's health is rising as an important target market for nutritional supplements. Sellers and marketers of heart health supplements had focused their product launches and marketing toward men in past years, thus causing a gender divide, as the focus on women geared more toward bone health instead of heart health. Public health campaigns are creating awareness about the dangers of heart disease in women. This initiative has led manufacturers and sellers to research, develop and launch formulations specifi cally design for women's heart health. The innovation is not only limited to the heart, as there are also supplements being marketed to prevent or help treat varicose veins. Ancillary products that support heart health may benefi t the sales of supplements in the future. Self-testing kits for blood cholesterol is still an underdeveloped market, yet there are a few fi rms trying to make a dent in this space. For example, Boots Pharmacy in the United Kingdom, which is owned by Walgreens, offers a home blood test consisting of test strips to check cholesterol levels in the blood. Yet, a major criticism to this home test is that results are diffi cult to interpret by the consumer. In the United States, the American Diabetes Association in association with Home Access Health Corp. launched the CheckUp America Cholesterol Panel kit sold in pharmacies and cleared by FDA. Consumers take a blood sample, and mail it to an approved lab for interpretation by a health care professional. The convenience of these test kits available in the retail channel may encourage consumers to stay alert on heart health, and if necessary invest in nutritional supplements that may help them stay healthy. The combined use of test kits, digital health and supplements is building a new frontier in heart health. In 2017, Berkeley Life Heart Health launched a heart health platform consisting of a supplement that helps manage nitric oxide (NO) levels for cardiovascular health, energy and vitality. Self-test trips are used to check NO levels using a color scheme to fi nd out if supplementation is needed. The company will also launch an app that will allow consumers to track their NO levels over time. This fi rm also markets Omron blood pressure monitors. Overall, this corporate strategy highlights an innovative holistic approach to hearth health. In a separate development, Cleveland HeartLab and Pure Encapsulations partnered to launch PureHeart, a heart health solution that offers advanced cardiovascular biomarker tests to consumers. The tests help identify issues within the artery walls to obtain a cardiovascular assessment. Then, the results help personalize a supplementation regimen with three core supplements of multivitamin, magnesium and probiotics. This innovation supports personalized cardiometabolic health. As the global population continues to age at rapid rates, heart health will become even more important for the consumer health industry. This demographic shift opens investment and marketing opportunities for fi rms seeking to help consumers manage their aging hearts. Monica Feldman is the global director of client services at Nicholas Hall & Co. ( Her past 25 years of experience include executive marketing positions and consulting work at leading multinational companies, consulting fi rms and trade organizations. Feldman has been a speaker at major consumer health events, and is regularly quoted in leading trade press. An active international advocate in business trade expansion for the life sciences and wellness industries, she is engaged in strategy, research and industry collaboration with a focus on preventive health and self-care. USA Heart Health Supplements by Main Category Retail Value (MSP) 2012-2016 ■ Garlic ■ Coenzyme Q10 ■ Fish oils and omega-3 US$ million 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 1,400 1,200 1,000 800 600 400 200 0 The combined use of test kits, digital health and supplements is building a new frontier in heart health.

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