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naturalproductsinsider . com 133 SupplySide West introductions in 2006 to more than 800 in 2016. The importance of clean, recognizable ingredients is evident across the globe, but show most prominently in developing countries such as Brazil, China and India, where more than eight in 10 consumers report they read labels on food and beverage packages before making a purchase. Beyond Clean Label to Full Transparency Going beyond a clean label to complete transparency—where consumers have an understanding of factors such as sustainability, fair trade or non-GMO (genetically modifi ed organism)—will drive the food and beverage industry for at least the next decade. By removing layers of complexity and providing transparent practices, consumers can align their purchases with their personal values. Consumers not only seek products that contain no artifi cial ingredients, pesticides, GMOs or toxins, but they also want these products to be made utilizing sustainable and fair business practices. These approaches have the connotations of being cleaner, purer and closer to nature— ideals consumers strive for in many aspects of their lives. Awareness, knowledge and concern about foods and beverages continues to grow. And as it does, consumers will continue to search for products that meet these needs and look for ways to make informed choices. The industry must continue to address these drivers across the value chain as the clean label trend continues to mainstream, eventually becoming the cost of entry. Steve French is managing partner of Natural Marketing Institute (NMI,, an international strategic marketing consulting and market research fi rm specializing in health & wellness, sustainability and healthy aging. He has more than 30 years of strategic marketing, business development, market research and management experience. French has insight into today's consumer and market trends, pioneering databases based on interviews from over a million global consumer interviews to help clients navigate, identify and validate market opportunities. He is a frequent speaker at industry events, is regularly sourced by media, and authored more than 100 published articles and reports. Better delivery Better performance Controlled intestinal release of probiotics Patented delivery system for probiotics Protection from stomach acid Controlled intestinal release Heightened dose consistency Superlative shelf life Formulation and format flexibility Patented in over 30 countries 425-883-9518 Registered with NSF as GMP manufacturing of powder, capsules, tablets, caplets and fully finished bottled product. Nutraceutix is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of probiotics in North America. Nutraceutix offers the proprietary delivery technology BIO-tract ® , and provides a wide range of viable and effective probiotic products. Since October 2016 Nutraceutix is part of Probi – a world leader within probiotics. Shortlist of recognizable ingredients is very important to food/beverage purchase decisions India 50 % Brazil 44 % China 44 % Russia 41 % Africa 39 % United Kingdom 29 % Germany 23 % Japan 19 % Source: NMI's Health & Wellness Trends Database

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