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o o I O 0 0 o , l l o l o l l o o l : o 16 INSIDER September/October 2017 that this association was driven by a decline in function of the placebo group at six months that was not observed in the curcumin treatment group. Per an animal study published in 2015, curcumin enhanced the synthesis of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) from its precursor, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). 10 Additionally, in vivo treatment with curcumin and ALA reduced anxiety-like behavior in rodents. Researchers concluded, "Taken together, these data suggest that curcumin enhances DHA synthesis, resulting in elevated brain DHA content." Commented Palumbo, "These animal data will have important implications for human health in the prevention of cognitive and mood disease because DHA defi ciency is linked to several disorders such as anxiety-like behavior, AD and depressive disorders." Additionally, curcumin showed positive effects on depression, according to results of a randomized, double-blind, placebo- controlled study published in 2017. 11 For the study, three groups of subjects received twice-daily doses of 250 mg of BCM-95 combined with 30 mg of saffron, or 500 mg and 1,000 mg of BCM-95 alone. The BCM-95 and BCM-95-plus-saffron groups collectively showed decreased depression symptoms at each of the four-week intervals, with little difference found between groups. Although the placebo groups also improved over the fi rst four weeks, those improvements were not maintained throughout the full 12-week study. Measurements of present anxiety and generalized anxiety in the BCM-95 groups during the 12 weeks decreased by seven and six points, respectively, according to the IDS-SR30 (inventory of depressive symptoms self report) over the placebo group. In an animal study published in 2017, curcumin reversed neurochemical, histological and immuno-histochemical alterations caused by ischemic injury in mice, which researchers attributed to the anti-infl ammatory effects of curcumin. 12 Kidney/Liver Health "Given the rapidly increasing problem with NAFLD [non-alcoholic fatty liver disease] and renal disease, both linked to NIDDM [non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus], it is not surprising that the hepato- and reno-protective effects are currently gaining ground," Clayton said. "As with the cognitive fi eld, researchers are developing semi-synthetic analogues for medical use, but for dietary supplement companies, the push will probably be for discussion of 'de-toxifi cation.'" Research published in 2017 demonstrated the ability of curcumin (as Meriva) to improve the healthy status of individuals with NAFLD, as assessed by multiple liver parameters. 13 For the study, 87 subjects were assigned to either curcumin (500 mg twice daily) or control for eight weeks. Supplementation with curcumin was associated with reductions in body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference. Consistent with the fi ndings of liver ultrasonography, serum levels of aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and alanine aminotransferase (ALT)—enzymes A m e r i c a n G i n s e n g E x t r a c t American Ginseng Extract F o r H e a l t h I n d u s t r y For Health Industry R a w M a t e r i a l s S u p p l i e r s Raw Ma terials Suppliers L u t e i n Lutein R e h m a n n i a e E x t r a c t Rehmanniae Extract Z e a x a n t h i n Zeaxanthin B r w n S e a w e e d E x t r a c t F u c i d a n Brown Seaweed Extract Fucoidan A s t a x a n t h i n Astaxanthin S 9 1 / K s h e r H a a C e r fi e d / F D A R e g i s t e r e d / c G M P C m p i a n ISO 9001/Kosher, Halal Cer fied/FDA Registered/cGMP Complian Y u r r e i a b e p a r t n e r f r s u c c e s s w i t h p r d u c t L i a b i i t y I n s u r a n c e Your reliable partner for success with product Liability Insurance Botanical Extracts Vegetable Powder Branded Ingredients Cactus Botanics CA lnc 2691 Richter Ave Ste 113, Irvine,CA 92606 For more informa� d i e n t s ts: te J i n t c a r e i n g r e Joint care ingredien Hyaluronic Acid Chondr Booth#X143 Sept27-28 Supplyside West 2017 Fucosea See us at ce Supplements: Curcumin

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