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where we see the preponderance of research, as well as the most compelling results." Novel's curcumin ingredient Acumin™ is positioned to support joints and healthy infl ammatory response, he said, and has research supporting its bioavailability 24 Importantly, curcumin's effect on the infl ammatory response is critical. As noted by David Garner, CEO, Molecular Health Technologies, "We see the benefi ts of curcumin expanding in any physical condition that has infl ammation as the driver. Infl ammation is the cause of most ailments in the body stemming from chronic infl ammation, which can last for several months and even years." Research is certainly emerging to support the health benefi ts of curcumin in areas such as cognition, healthy aging, liver/kidney health, heart health and more. However, it's critical to consider the regulatory requirements for marketing health claims related to the benefi ts of natural ingredients when considering how the emerging research impacts the supplements category. Relying on animal studies, along with in vitro and in vivo research, to support health claims could be risky business, which is why it's important to continue advancing the research to support stellar ingredients with health potential such as curcumin. Industry experts understand the importance of research for category growth. "Turmeric extract (Curcuma longa) is most popular in the joint health category," said Deanne Dolnick, science director at TR Nutritionals. "But as more research is being conducted regarding its ability to function as an anti-infl ammatory, we're seeing many more products with turmeric fi nding their way into the heart health and cognitive support product categories. We should continue to see growth in these categories as long as the research is ongoing." Additionally, understanding the benefi ts of the active compounds in curcumin could help realize the ingredient's potential. "There is specifi c evidence based on the active ingredient profi le of the turmeric root extract that could hold the key to unlocking its multifacted benefi ts," said Sendhil Pani, president, Bayir Inc. "Turmerones, curcuminoids and polysaccharides all have been shown to support the health benefi ts of this super root." 25 His company, under the direction of its Nano-Ram business division, has been conducting research related to nanoparticles of curcumin, with promising initial results, according to Pani, who sees potential for this emerging research in categories such as cosmetics and beverages. Expanding delivery formats can also support growth of the curcumin category. Ningbo Traditional Pharmaceutical Corp. offers water soluble curcumin that is soluble in water up to 200 mg/ml. Must-Have SupplySide Survival Kit, because trade s Las Vegas have a way of wearing people down. Sor late nights, tired voices, upset stomachs ... you ge picture. These handy kits provide helpful produ contain the industry's fi nest ingredients and showca applications in which they can be u Represented By SPONSORED Pick up your Survival Ki at SupplySide West 2017 Pick up your Survival Ki at SupplySide West 2017 SUPPLYSIDE SURVIVA Must-Have Must-Have SEPT 25-2 2017 Supplements: Curcumin For a list of references, email references@naturalproductsINSIDER.

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