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32 INSIDER September/October 2017 Naturally healthy green RTD tea is set to fetch a net increase of around $800 million from 2016 to 2021, thanks to its recognized health benefi ts and the improved taste and fl avor of green tea. Consumers are adopting a holistic approach to health, wellness and well-being. For example, the rising awareness and expansion of Japanese style of diet and the long life expectancy in Japan have encouraged consumption of green tea. Chinese tea suppliers have also reported a surge in demand for green tea from overseas. Sustainable Sourcing of Tea Euromonitor International's Ethical Labels system showed major tea companies, such as Unilever, Twinings, Tata Global Beverage Ltd. and Starbucks, are associated with non-governmental organization (NGO) ethical labels and/or run their own in-house sustainability programs. For example, Unilever's Lipton is long linked to Rainforest Alliance, and Twinings is one of the founders and partners of the Ethical Tea Partnership. The Coca-Cola Co.'s Honest Tea is linked to Fair Trade Certifi ed, with many of its ingredients sourced from China, but the fi nished drinks aim for markets beyond China. In some regions, tea is the only agriculture crop produced, and it is relevant to the sustainability of the local community. Thus far, major tea consumers such as China, Japan, Indonesia, India, Turkey and Russia have little awareness of these internationally known certifi cations. Ethical consumption is growing, but far from reaching the standard in the West. In many developing countries, awareness of sustainability remains weak. It will take plenty of resources from the government, commercial companies, NGOs and consumers to do the ground work to introduce the concept, and raise awareness for both consumers and manufacturers. China's Zhejiang Tea Group Co. Ltd., for example, has no published corporate social responsibility (CSR) report, although it has engaged in producing tea in a sustainable way. Clever marketing, the promotion of sustainable consumption and a possible premium for sustainable products must be conveyed effectively. Interestingly, consumers opting for naturally healthy beverages happen to be like the groups that are concerned about the environment, climate change and sustainable sourcing. Thus, it makes perfect sense to market healthy tea-based beverages together with a sustainability concept. Hope Lee, senior analyst of healt h and wellness, joined Euromonitor International ( in 1998. In 2000 to 2015, she focused on managing global soft drinks and hot drinks (tea and coffee) research, providing strategic analysis of the global market. In her current role, she writes global analysis on sustainable sourcing of tea, coffee and cocoa, health and wellness product innovation, corporate strategies and market forecast. Her reports are frequently referenced and highly rated by multinational clients. Of the 325 million U.S. population, 73.8 million are children aged 0 to 17 years—with the demographic expected to increase in racial diversity and grow to 80 million by 2050. While kids seek foods that appeal to their taste buds, parents are increasingly interested in better-for-you products they feel good about feeding their families. Many brands are responding through cleaner ingredient decks free from artifi cial additives or preservatives and featuring natural fl avors and colors. The new issue of Food Insider Journal explores the market trends, top categories for innovation and formulation considerations when developing products for children. Explore this and more via videos and infographics, or dive into recent issues on topics such as Sodium Reduction, Free-From Claims, Sweeteners and Organic/Non-GMO. Food Insider Journal is your go-to resource for everything around clean label strategy and formulation. Visit today to learn more. UNDERWRITTEN BY Cleaning Up The Kids' Aisle Download New Issue Now Food & Beverage: Coffee & Tea

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