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62 INSIDER September/October 2017 Contract Manufacturing: Ingredient Sourcing When a supplement brand is considering working with a contract manufacturer, a critical question is: Will the brand take care of ingredient sourcing or let the contract manufacturer take care of it? Key points to consider before making the decision: Traceability Quality assurance Regulatory awareness Financial consideration Availability of specialty ingredients Regardless of the path, at the end of the day, product owners need to take full responsibility of products; it can't be left to the contract manufacturer. Traceability If ingredients are supplied by the contract manufacturer, the brand needs to conduct a site audit or ingredient supplier evaluation report to approve the suppliers. The manufacturer must inform the brand of supplier changes and provide the documentation of the new supplier. For each batch, in addition to a fi nished product certifi cate of analysis (CoA), a set of ingredient CoAs would help ensure ingredient traceability. Quality Assurance Quality is the key point of ingredient sourcing, especially for botanical ingredients. Sometimes, an ingredient's CoA doesn't ensure the quality of the ingredient. Botanical ingredients need documentation for plant identifi cation, including the extract solvent, extract method and plant part used for extraction. Active ingredients must be tested with a validated method. A third- party testing report will help ensure the content of active ingredients. If possible, ask for bioavailability data. High bioavailability could reduce the ingredient usage while maintaining or enhancing the product's fi nal effi ciency. Microbial testing is a basic requirement. Storage conditions must be considered for some ingredients. Pesticide testing needs to be considered if the ingredient source has any possibility of contact with a pesticide during growth, including contaminated soil. Heavy metal should be considered, as well. Regulatory Awareness The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has forced brands to consider ingredient sourcing. Brands need to know FSMA and understand its role when sourcing ingredients, especially the importance of foreign supplier verifi cation. Financial Consideration Often, fi nancial consideration is the most infl uential factor when ingredient sourcing. However, for the same ingredients, the price may differ widely among different suppliers. Price is important, but brands that only consider price may be ignoring quality and regulatory issues. The benefi t of the contract manufacturer sourcing ingredients is it can purchase in large quantities for economy of scale. A best practice is letting the buyer work with quality control (QC)/legal personnel during the ingredient sourcing process to balance the budget with the range of quality and regulatory requirements. When brands use a contract manufacturer to create a product—whether the ingredient is sourced by the brand or the contract manufacturer—brands need to ensure the ingredient is traced, of good quality, meets regulatory requirements and fi ts the company's budget. Hua Deng, Ph.D., is the president and the founder of Davidia Healthtech LLC (, a profess ional service company for food, dietary supplement and cosmetics. Deng has extensive experience of global regulatory affairs in the food, dietary supplement and cosmetic industries. (626) 810-8886 Commi�ed to Quality-Commi�ed to You The Trust of a Strong Sourcing Partner is the first step to Success for your business. PAT Vitamins understands the importance of transparency, innova�on and quality. We disclose our original manufacturers for each of our ingredients. We can support you with complete technical documenta�on profiles. We work closely with our manufactures to help our customers meet new demands for modern innova�ons and technology. Finally, quality is a major key to success. PAT Vitamins offers strict vendor qualifica�ons for each of our original manufacturers. Non-GMO*cGMP*HACCP*Kosher*Halal*Gluten*Vegan Ingredients for different nutri�onal applica�ons: Powder, fine powder, ultra fine powder Cold water dispersible/soluble Micro-encapsula�on beadlets Direct compressible Tritua�on Powder Spray dried powder Oil applica�ons Instant powders Unique Product Line: Vitamin A, Beta Carotene Vitamin E, Natural & Synthe�c B Vitamins & CoEnzyme forms Vitamin C Powder, Ultra Fine, granular Vitamin D2, Vitamin D3 powders & oils Joint Glucosamine HCL & Chondroi�n Stevia, Monk Fruit, Sucralose Soy Protein, Phytosterols Excellent customer service*Sa�sfactory inventory levels*Conveniently located warehouses Ingredient Sourcing Top Considerations by Hua Deng, Ph.D.

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