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GELITA's VERISOL® helps restore nail strength You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Skin, hair and nails are essential elements of a beautiful outer appearance. In many jobs, well-tended hands and nails are a must. For many, however, beautiful nails are hard to achieve — even with considerable care. GELITA recently investigated the effects of collagen peptide supplementation on nail health and the results are very promising. Brittle nail syndrome Brittle nail syndrome is characterized by the increased fragility of the nail plate, exhibiting nail roughness, raggedness and peeling. Approximately 20 percent of the population is affected, and women are affected twice as often as men. Patients complain that their nails are soft, dry, weak or easily breakable, and incapable of growing long. Researchers in the field of beauty-from-within applications have investigated the effects of collagen peptide supplementation on the appearance, strength and growth of fingernails. The results give hope to people affected by brittle nail syndrome and seem to confirm the stimulatory effects of specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides® (VERISOL®) on epidermal and dermal metabolism. Collagen Peptides – what we know so far Collagen has been used as an effective ingredient in beauty products for years. Beauty-from-within applications based on collagen peptides are state-of-the-art when it comes to achieving the best visible results and long-term improvements in skin health. A series of preclinical and clinical studies have shown that oral supplementation with VERISOL® collagen peptides leads to longer-term improvements in skin health. With their special amino acid composition and peptide profile, these specific collagen peptides influence the skin's collagen metabolism directly from the inside. In a completely natural way, they can slow down the skin's aging process, significantly improve its elasticity, structure and appearance, and help to strengthen the skin's connective tissue. Relocating the focal point Although nail assessments were not the objective of these previous studies, an improvement in nail quality among the study participants was noticed as a positive side-effect. Now, for the first time, a clinical trial investigated the efficacy of a specific dosage (2.5 g/d) of VERISOL® on nail growth and brittle nail syndrome. In this open, single-center clinical trial, a total of 25 healthy women received a daily dose of 2.5 g of GELITA's VERISOL® collagen peptides for six months, followed by a four-week observation period. Participants were aged between 18 and 50, with a mean age of 39. All of them displayed at least one sign of brittle nails, be it lamellar peeling, edge irregularities or nail roughness. Results With regards to nail growth, the intake of VERISOL® led to clear improvements after 12 weeks of treatment: daily collagen peptide supplementation promoted an increase of 10 percent nail growth. This increased to 12 percent after 24 weeks, and to 15 percent four weeks after the last intake. The frequency of cracked or chipped nails also decreased significantly. Before starting the treatment, the participants' frequency of broken nails was 10 times per month on average. This decreased to six times after 24 weeks of treatment, representing a reduction of 42 percent, which continued during the washout phase. Regarding typical brittle nail syndrome symptoms such as nail peeling, edge irregularities and nail roughness, the number of women displaying "severe" or "moderate" nail peeling halved after 12 weeks of treatment, whereas those with a "slight" score doubled. Participants with "severe" longitudinal splitting of the free edge reduced from 4 percent to 0 percent after 24 weeks of treatment with VERISOL®, and the "slight" scores increased from 17 percent to 38 percent. At the end of the study, the majority of participants (80 percent) agreed that the use of VERISOL® improved nail appearance, and they were totally satisfied or satisfied with the performance of the treatment. The participants were also asked to rate the overall improvement of their nails (from zero to 10), and almost half of the patients (46 percent) rated this between nine and 10. Moreover, 75 percent of patients perceived their nails to be stronger, and 71 percent felt that their nails were growing faster and longer. Stimulatory effect Previous skin health studies with VERISOL® collagen peptides have shown that when ingested orally, they stimulate fibroblast cells in the dermal layer of the skin to increase overall extracellular matrix formation. By doing so, they influence the skin's collagen metabolism from inside, resulting in fewer wrinkles, improved skin elasticity and younger appearance. The fact that in this most recent study the improvement of brittle nail syndrome was even more pronounced after the four-week washout phase suggests a similar mechanism. Hence, the positive effects of VERISOL® treatment are likely derived from the direct effect of these Bioactive Collagen Peptides® on the nail matrix and nail bed. Additionally, the researchers concluded that the improvements in nail strength demonstrated in this trial may be a result of the increased water- binding capacity of brittle nails promoted by VERISOL® treatment. ADVERTORIAL Hard as nails BOOTH# MM151

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