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MAR-APR 2018

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Page 23 of 80 3 T he market for dietary supplements containing ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)—an Ayurvedic herb used widely since ancient times for an array of therapeutic benefi ts (Curr Pharm Des. 2016;22(5):535-40)—is expanding around the globe. Product marketers and formulators are looking at this botanical as a valuable addition to their product portfolio, presuming the ingredient they choose delivers on effi cacy and quality. According to some producers, having a positive experience in bringing ashwagandha products to market may be as easy as selecting a good supplier. Ashwagandha can be delivered on its own or integrated into formulations with synergistic ingredients. Both options have their advocates. "Historically, Garden of Life has not formulated stand-alone ashwagandha products," said Jeffrey Brahms, general counsel and vice president of science and international at Garden of Life in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. "Instead, we use the ingredient for its clinically studied value in combination with other ingredients in our formulas. We start with Ayurvedic traditional medicinal uses for ashwagandha as a guide for formulating with this ingredient. But we also study emerging science—including the multiple human clinical studies performed by our suppliers—to inform our uses and the dosing. Our consumers recognize that ashwagandha is very versatile and benefi cial, and it always adds value to our formulations." However, combination products aren't the only game in town. "Innovation in an ashwagandha product can happen through how the ingredient is combined with other synergistic ingredients to provide a comprehensive suite of benefi ts," agreed Terry Papadopoulos, MSH, RD, senior manager of product development, corporate brands at Vitacost in Boca Raton, Florida. "But it can also be achieved by providing just ashwagandha as a stand-alone product by itself without any other ingredients. When we conceptualized bringing our new ashwagandha products to market, we wanted to provide the KSM-66 ingredient in its purest form—its stand- alone form—as it was studied in the clinical research. When you take a product with multiple ingredients, it's diffi cult to determine which ingredient is providing the benefi ts you're experiencing. As such, taking fi nished products with multiple ingredients can remove consumers' ability to control and tweak their supplement regimens." Many other considerations play an important role in bringing an ashwagandha supplement to market. These include differentiating the product compared to similar offerings, as well as choosing a delivery method and dealing with any potential formulation challenges. supplements-deliver-ashwagandhas-benefi ts Supplements Deliver Ashwagandha's Benefi ts DOWNLOAD October 2017 US$39.00 As consumers seek support for stress management, physical fitness, supplements with ashwagandha offer convenience in dosing, delivery. Supplements Deliver Ashwagandha's Benefits CASE STUDY

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