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naturalproductsinsider . com 25 Sports Nutrition: Joint Health Researchers measured WOMAC scores and serum TNF-α levels, fi nding no differences between the groups except reduced TNF-α in the combination group. They concluded green tea and pine bark enhance Aquamin's anti- infl ammatory effect. Ex vivo research confi rmed French maritime pine bark extract (as Pycnogenol ® , from Horphag Research) has antioxidant and anti-infl ammatory properties, including the ability to inhibit MMP-9, NFkB, COX-1 and COX-2. 39,40 In randomized, controlled research, Pycnogenol supplementation in OA patients decreased WOMAC scores an average of 56 percent, compared to a 9.6 percent reduction in the placebo group. 41 The researchers further noted use of arthritis drugs decreased the scores by 63 percent, compared to only 3 percent in the placebo group. Pycnogenol reduced treatment costs. Another human clinical trial found three months of Pycnogenol supplementation in OA patients improved WOMAC scores and alleviated pain via VAS score, while placebo had no benefi t. 42 The supplement group was also able to reduce use of analgesic drugs, the use of which increased in the placebo group. Sports and beer often go hand in hand, and hops (Humulus lupulus) may provide infl ammation control to allay joint discomfort symptoms. Unpublished research on a hops resin extract (as Perluxan ® , from Soft Gel Technologies) found supplementation inhibited the infl ammatory COX-2 pathway with only a mild action on COX-1, the pathway linked to gastrointestinal protection. This extract is standardized to alpha acids. However, published research comparing alpha acids with other acids (beta and iso-alpha) found in hops showed all the acids blocked infl ammatory signaling compounds and limited acute infl ammation in vivo. 43 Arginine is a popular sports nutrition ingredient for improving blood fl ow by increasing levels of the vasodilator nitric oxide (NO). However, in a preclinical animal study published in 2017, inositol-stabilized an arginine silicate (as Nitrosigine ® , from Nutrition 21) infl uenced infl ammatory markers, including TNF-α, IL-17, IL-6, COX-2 and NFkB, as well as improving overall arthritis and infl ammation score, compared to con trols. 44 While the sports nutrition market seeks ingredient research involving athletes, active consumers and exercise regimens, the wealth of research on wear-and-tear OA can offer formulators a good idea of an ingredient's potential for an exercise- related formulation. By focusing on compounds shown to directly or indirectly impact joint structures and functions, as well as on compounds with demonstrated anti-infl ammatory or similar protective properties in joints, a sports nutrition joint supplement or functional food/beverage can better ensure a fi nished product that is effi cacious and appropriate. 888-452-6853 | C O F F E E F R U I T P R O D U C T S W W W . C O F F E E B E R R Y . C O M Coff eeberry® Energy is a patented extract of 70% organic caff eine plus unique polyphenols from whole coff ee fruit — not just the bean — sourced from farms certifi ed by Rainforest Alliance. Visit us at IFT18 in Chicago July 16-18, Booth S3444 For a list of references, email

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