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26 INSIDER May/June 2018 Who are "active consumers," and how do brands connect with and serve them? The boundaries of what is considered sports nutrition are blurring at the same time consumers of various activity levels are driving mainstream brands to produce sportier products, according to Innova Market Insights. The common denominator has been protein, a favorite of athletes for building and maintaining muscle, and growing trend for active consumers who are seeking to get fi t and manage their weight. Energy/alertness is another crossover area, and recovery/performance is increasingly important. Active consumers include moms wanting to stay fi t, seniors trying to stay mobile and active, and family members of all ages who value physical recreation and exercise. This category includes CrossFitters, adventure racers, part-time marathoners and triathletes, power walkers, yoga enthusiasts, Fitbitters and weekend warriors of all ages. Understanding these consumers is key to engaging them with brands and products. They refl ect mainstream health trends such as clean label, natural and organic, sustainability, transparency, non-genetically modifi ed organism (GMO), vegan and gluten-free. They want convenient and novel delivery forms, fl avor variety and claims that match their lifestyle goals. At SupplySide West 2017, Innova's Kara Nielsen noted sports nutrition brands will explore more mainstream formats and formulations, while mainstream brands undergo sporty makeovers. Plants, especially proteins, and convenience formats such as ready-to-drink (RTD) products are in demand by active consumers, among which "active aging" and "fi t girls" are opportunity trends. April Knell, marketing manager for Stratum Nutrition, noted marketing for its NEM ® natural eggshell membrane product delivers a message of joint health for those who exercise, "whether taking on a half marathon or giving [a] piggy-back ride." She said this challenge of marketing to active consumers has been a learning process. "Andrew Rice, our new director of product and brand strategy, joined our team a few months ago and has brought many new great ideas to our team around this very message," she said, noting passing this advice onto customers selling fi nished products involves many avenues. Some of the questions and challenges Rice and Knell have been tackling for fi nished product brands include: Reaching Active Consumers by Steve Myers Harpagophytum procumbens and zeyheri , also called Devil's claw, are traditionally used to maintain Joint Health . Sustainable sourcing, gentle process with water extraction, organic grade available: our Flexi GO ™ is the natural & plant-based solution to improve joint health. Improves mobility & flexibility 100% devil's claw Up to 20% Harpagoside JOINT HEALTH M A N U F A C T U R E D I N F R A N C E NATURAL INGREDIENT FOR HEALTHY AGING & SPORTS NUTRITION Sports Nutrition: Joint Health

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