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28 INSIDER May/June 2018 1 What's the strategy for positioning and marketing to the correct personas (or types of customers)? 2 Does the strategy include targeting a specifi c vertical (i.e., endurance, weightlifters, CrossFit)? 3 Creating packaging, a website and other marketing support materials that appeal to a younger age group. 4 Messaging: Promoting the product to "defend" or "maintain healthy joints," even those from occasional aches and pain—the 30s and 40s age groups are where these pains can start, especially those trying to maintain active lifestyles. Also, relating to messaging, research keywords specifi c to what customers are going to be searching for, to help them fi nd the product online. Keywords are imperative for Amazon, Google shopping, etc. 5 Lastly, advertising strategy and reaching the masses though e-marketing, which of course depends on budget. Knell also shared some tips and tactics for reaching active consumers: If a brand has a small budget, what social media platforms (that its customer personas use) can it budget monthly advertising toward? The brand will at least want to post relevant content for these active consumer social groups—making sure it's not just promotional content for the products, but determine other valuable, helpful information that the brand can provide to its customers. Make them want to follow the brand's social media pages. If a brand has a larger budget, it should research the best avenues for reaching its market. Remember to dedicate part of this budget to creating great content; after all, content is king. Use an email marketing platform for collecting and reaching the audiences' emails. If it's in the budget, utilize a program that can implement automation (automated emails, landing pages, forms, etc.) for reaching different groups of personas, and hot vs. cold leads. PROMOTES JOINT COMFORT Perluxan ® softgels are a unique, premium quality supplement primarily used to support joint health and soothe aches from overexertion of everyday activities. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Contact us today to add this unique botanical extract derived from hops to your product line. Sports Nutrition: Joint Health Joint Health for Active Consumers Digital Magazine For more information on the market for joint products, along with a look at the science behind joint ingredients, download INSIDER's "Joint Health for Active Consumers" Digital Magazine. Scan Here JOINT HEALTH for Active Consumers Vol. 7, No. 24 October 2017 US$20.75 Secaucus, NJ Meadowlands Exposition Center APRIL 10 & 11 2018

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