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8 INSIDER July/August 2018 reduced and normalized elevated cardiovascular risk factors including cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure and blood glucose in an eight-week study of 70 women ages 40 to 50, while also reducing peri-menopause symptoms such as hot fl ashes, night sweats and irregular periods. 16 Brain Power "One of the most signifi cant areas of health impacted by aging is cognition," said Tom Druke, director of VitaCholine brand development, Balchem Human Nutrition and Pharma. He pointed to the Natural Marketing Institute's (NMI) 2015 Healthy Aging Study, which showed "losing brain capacity" was the No. 1 age-related fear. As a precursor of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, choline assists the brain in sending messages throughout the body via the nervous system. In a recent study, supplemental choline in the form of choline bitartrate signifi cantly improved accuracy by making modest reductions in speed, as compared to the control group when administered a straightforward aim and click task on a computer. 18 "This suggests that choline may play an important role in mental sharpness and focus for tasks requiring both speed and attention to detail," Druke said. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, astaxanthin (as AstaReal ® ) improved clarity of thinking, concentration, motivation and mood, while reducing irritation and feelings of body heaviness. 18 Participants were subjected to a battery of timed calculations requiring intense concentration as well as a physical challenge performed using a bicycle ergometer. Visual analogue scale (VAS) analysis showed astaxanthin signifi cantly reduced perceived symptoms of mental and physical fatigue compared to the placebo. In the calculation test, an increase in errors observed in the placebo during the second half of the test was almost eliminated in the astaxanthin group. Supplementation with astaxanthin also signifi cantly reduced salivary cortisol, a biomarker for stress. Magnesium is an essential cofactor for more than 300 systems that regulate biochemical reactions in the body, including brain and nervous system function, 19 explained Samantha Ford, new business development director, AIDP. AIDP's patented compound of magnesium (Magtein ® ) raised the brain's magnesium levels, 20 and demonstrated signifi cant increases in brain synaptic density with supplementation that returned to original levels within two weeks of stopping supplementation. 21 In a randomized, double-blind, placebo- controlled trial, Magtein supplementation for 12 weeks resulted in signifi cant improvements in memory, stress and anxiety in middle-aged and older adults. 22 Deanne Dolnick, science director at TR Nutritionals, pointed to bacopa extract standardized to 20 percent bacosides for brain health for its anti-infl ammatory effect 23 and potential to repair damaged neurons in the brain. 24 Bones & Joints Preserving bones and joints is critical to staying active in later years. In healthy, postmenopausal women without recurring joint pain, eggshell membrane (as NEM ® , from Stratum Nutrition) at a dose of 500 mg/d prevented breakdown of cartilage and improved recovery from exercise-induced joint pain. 25 Collagen type II derived from avian sternum (as KollaGen II-xs™, from AIDP) was effective at reducing joint pain and improved range of motion and muscle strength in a 30-day, randomized, controlled trial. 26 In addition to collagen, the ingredient provides chondroitin, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid (HA)—the major components of joint cartilage. Supplementation with low molecular weight HA (as Injuv ® , from Soft Gel Technologies Inc.) improved joint mobility and pain associated with age or arthritis in an unpublished clinical trial conducted in Japan in 96 women ages 22 to 65. These results were in addition to the ingredient's benefi ts to skin health, including improvements in skin moisture, smoothness and fi rmness. "Unfortunately, HA synthesis declines as we age," said Steve Holtby, president and CEO, Soft Gel Technologies Inc., adding Injuv's low molecular weight allows it to be absorbed and move to its target sites within the body. In men and women ages 45 to 90 with OA, supplementation with methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM (as OptiMSM ® , from Bergstrom Nutrition) improved WOMAC (Western Ontario and McMaster Universities) Osteoarthritis Index scores overall, and physical function and stiffness compared to placebo. 27 WOMAC scores improved with OptiMSM supplementation in a later trial of 100 patients with hip and/or knee OA, as well. 28 To support bone, a proprietary combination of collagen and calcium (KoAct ® , from AIDP) was proven superior to calcium and vitamin D in slowing down the leaching of calcium from bones, and led to signifi cant improvements in markers of bone synthesis in a randomized, controlled trial of post-menopausal women. 29 The ability to retain muscle mass is critically important in later life, especially as sarcopenia—degradation of skeletal muscle—has been linked to bone fragility in Supplements: Healthy Aging The Natural Marketing Institute's (NMI) 2015 Healthy Aging Study showed "losing braing capacity" was the No. 1 age-related fear. Healthy Aging Digital Magazine Information for the article was excerpted from INSIDER's "Healthy Living: Optimizing Life With Supplements and Nutrition" Digital Magazine. Read more about healthy aging ingredients, trends and innovation by downloading the issue. Vol. 8, No. 4 April 2018 US$20.75 Healthy Aging Secaucus, NJ Meadowlands Exposition Center APRIL 10 & 11 Optimizing Life with Supplements and Nutrition Scan Here

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