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10 INSIDER July/August 2018 seniors and, specifi cally, increased risk of hip fracture in both men and women over age 65. 30 Research published in 2016 found French maritime pine bark extract (as Pycnogenol) may be effective in curbing muscle loss that occurs with aging—a natural process that leads to sarcopenia. 31 In an eight-week study of participants ages 70 to 78 and exhibiting signs of muscle loss, 150 mg/d Pycnogenol led to greater muscular function and endurance in daily tasks, among other benefi ts. Collagen peptides may also support muscle maintenance, according to Lisette van Lith, global director, Peptan ® , who pointed to research showing the role of collagen peptides in preserving lean muscle mass and increasing muscle strength in older adults. 32 Skin Support "In recent years there is growing interest in ingestible skin care and appreciation that true beauty starts from the inside," said Karin Hermoni, Ph.D., head of science and nutrition, Lycored. "Our physical and emotional well-being are all refl ected in the way our skin looks at any age and, specifi cally, as we age." Lindsey Carnett, CEO and president of Marketing Maven, pointed to market data from Statista showing the United States is a key market in the global skin care and cosmetics industry, generating an estimated revenue of approximately US$62 billion in 2016. She cited product launches and the "dominance of digital media" as drivers propelling the anti-aging industry into new territories, with "consumers wanting and expecting formulations that contain active ingredients backed by clinical research." Among trends noted by Carnett are use of boosted actives and toxin-free ingredients, as well as products featuring "clean beauty," pollution-fi ghting positioning, bone broth, probiotics, collagen and biohacking, which "explores human biology, and fi nds ways to exploit certain practices or ingredients for increased health and wellness." Several ingredients support the need for active, clinically supported ingredients for healthy skin. A proprietary tomato nutrient complex (as Lycoderm™, from Lycored) was shown to protect human skin against ultraviolet (UV) radiation in a double-blind, placebo- controlled, crossover study. 33 Astaxanthin (as AstaReal) inhibited infl ammation-mediated skin deterioration, including wrinkle formation and seasonal skin moisture decline, therefore preventing progression of skin aging, in a study of 65 females ages 35 to 60. 34 Water-soluble eggshell membrane (WSEM, as BiovaDerm from Biova) reduced wrinkle depth when applied topically on facial skin in an eight-week study involving 20 healthy females ages 45 to 65. 35 Researchers suggested the results may be related to WSEM's ability to protect from free radical damage at the cellular level, among other Supplements: Healthy Aging

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