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12 INSIDER July/August 2018 mechanisms. Stauber is the exclusive distributor of Biova products. Healthy Aging Trends, Innovation According to Euromonitor International, healthy living is one of eight megatrends shaping consumer markets in the years to come. Irina Barbalova, global lead, and Hannah Symons, beauty and fashion research, said when it comes to aging and health, prevention is being seen across age groups. Younger consumers in particular are pursuing prevention over treatment strategies when it comes to aging. However, understanding older consumers is also key to reaching this demographic, the duo suggested. Older consumers continue to make societal contributions as caregivers or as part of the workforce, but are largely undervalued and underrepresented as consumers, and have specifi c needs to address. According to the 2017 Supplement Over-the-Counter Rx Data (SORD) study commissioned by Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition, older generations are most likely to use supplem ents, with 76 percent of boomers and 83 percent of matures taking a form of supplementation. "However, these consumer groups both also state that their supplements, such as traditional tablets, are sometimes diffi cult to swallow—34 percent of boomers and 30 percent of matures share this view," said Barri Sigvertsen, marketing manager, Lonza. "As such, dosage forms that are easier to swallow may help improve and encourage usage. Ready-to- drink [RTD] beverages, sprinkles/powders that can be added directly to food or drinks, gummies and capsules are all attractive dosage forms." Simplifi ed supplement regimens may also appeal to older consumers, Sigvertsen suggested. Lonza's survey indicated 33 percent of Generation X respondents and 22 percent of boomers surveyed feel they have to take too many supplements to get the nutrients they need, while 38 percent of all supplement users want to reduce their daily intake. Review of intellectual property (IP) indicates innovations containing natural product ingredients are directed to mitigating age-related disorders. Looking to patent applications, attorney Andreas Baltatzis, director, and Gideon Eckhouse, senior associate, KramerAmado PC, noted applications directed to healthy aging innovations have been relatively consistent since 2001, averaging about 130 applications per year. "However, it appears application fi ling peaked in 2012 and is on a downward trend if 2016 is an indicator of the future," the duo explained. A review of trademark applications showed the term "wellness" appears in goods nearly three times more often than in company name. The term "age" or "aging" appears almost 10 times more. During the last fi ve years, the terms "age" or "aging" have been used 77 times, Eckhouse and Baltatzis explained. The consistent use of the terms "age" or "aging" in the last 20 years "indicates a consistent trend," they noted. "Brand owners have realized the value of these terms in conveying their products will help meet the needs of aging consumers." It all starts with fresh, quality milk Native milk proteins Real micellar casein Native whey proteins Booth S704 Supplements: Healthy Aging For a list of references, email While the proverbial "fountain of youth" has yet to be discovered, natural products have stepped in to help people age healthfully. The "Healthy Aging: Lifelong Wellness" Workshop at SupplySide West in Las Vegas, on Nov. 7, 9 a.m. to noon, will explore how the aging population feels toward natural solutions; how popular ingredients can aid healthy aging; and provide tools, tips and tricks on how to effectively market to healthy aging consumers with compliant messaging. Scan Here Healthy Aging at SupplySide West

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