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JUL-AUG 2018

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A D V E R T O R I A L A s t A s t axan t F or s tudy references, email : con t act @ as t H E A L T H Y A G E I N G AstaReal ® Natural Astaxanthin for Healthy Ageing "AGEING BEGINS (FROM) WITHIN" In all our cells, the mitochondria are the "engines" for generating ATP energy to power daily activities. This process produces free radicals as metabolic by-products. With age, mitochondria produce more free radicals, causing oxidative stress and stopping ATP production. This is known as mitochondrial dysfunction. Science points towards it as the main driver of the ageing process: • A gradual reduction in the number of mitochondria per cell, resulting in less energy production and subsequent fatigue • Progressive mitochondrial inefficiencies result in more free radicals which can lead to increased oxidative stress, inflammation and age-related diseases (Heart attack, dementia, macular degeneration and more) • Accumulative repair deficits, muscle loss, frailty and functional decline HEALTHY MITOCHONDRIA = HEALTHY AGEING One of the keys to healthy ageing involves functional mitochondria. Robust mitochondria boost cellular health, which leads to abundant energy, increased resilience and general well-being. Individuals who lead healthy lifestyles have more functional mitochondria, giving rise to superior physiology and improved lifespan. Exercise has been shown to • Increase the number of mitochondria and ATP production, • Preferential fat burning by mitochondria. • Upregulation of the body's natural antioxidant system (NRF-2). • Protection against mitochondrial dysfunction. In addition, keeping the mitochondria nourished with nutrients is also central to healthy ageing. MITOCHONDRIAL NUTRIENT Mitochondrial nutrients are essential for protection, survival and optimal energy production of mitochondria. Astaxanthin, CoQ10 and L-carnitine are an exceptional triad - each of them possesses unique biological properties - when integrated, will produce the maximal health effects for the mitochondria. Astaxanthin, an algae-derived red carotenoid, leads this triad of mitochondrial nutrients by exerting its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to neutralize and nullify excess free radicals. Via this astaxanthin protects the mitochondrial membrane against oxidative stress, ensuring the normal operations of the other two nutrients and sustaining mitochondrial health. In summary, astaxanthin • Boosts ATP energy production efficiency and reduces fatigue. • Increases fat transport into the mitochondria • Promotes mitochondrial biogenesis • Shields mitochondrial DNA from mutational changes • Prolongs the lifespan of existing mitochondria CLINICAL BENEFITS OF ASTAXANTHIN • Skeletal muscles contain the largest number of mitochondria per cell due to high energy requirement. Ageing is associated with a reduction in the number of mitochondria and ATP production. These often lead to reduced muscle strength, size and endurance - also known as sarcopenia (muscle wasting) which is a precursor to frailty and disability. • In a randomized double blind placebo controlled study of elderly subjects (65 - 82 yrs who were experiencing age-related muscle loss), astaxanthin significantly improved muscle size (+2.7%), muscle strength (+14.7%) and endurance (+45.8%) compared to placebo after 3 months. • Astaxanthin improved accommodation speed and visual acuity, overcoming fatigue associated with ciliary muscle overuse. Furthermore, astaxanthin has been shown to reduce eye strain, eye fatigue and 'dry' eye symptoms associated with prolonged computer use. • Mental fatigue and cognitive decline are also symptoms of mitochondrial dysfunction. Clinical studies have demonstrated improved memory and cognition following a 12 mg dose of astaxanthin for 3 months. In another study, subjects who took astaxanthin scored significantly higher in a 30-minute calculations test. The control group reported greater mental fatigue. ÑR. Corish MDÑ

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