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44 INSIDER July/August 2018 A capsule-in-a-capsule technology is a creative solution for combination products or extended release. The capsule delivers in one package the combination of powders, liquids and/or beadlets, and incompatible ingredients for release at different intervals. It also can deliver the same ingredient in different forms for release over a period of time at different intervals for a longer-lasting effect. Release intervals can address various needs before, during and after a workout. As examples, caffeine solubilized in vegetable oil is fi lled in the outer capsule that dissolves fi rst for immediate energy. An inner capsule that dissolves later is fi lled with caffeine beads of different sizes that dissolve at intervals due to varied thickness of coatings. This type of extended-release technology can also be used to deliver melatonin to ensure a full night's sleep necessary for exercise recovery and general good health. For delivery of a prebiotic-probiotic combination supplement (for digestive health), a liquid-based prebiotic formula in an outer capsule is released fi rst to better prepare the environment for the probiotic in the inner capsule that is released later and closer to the intestinal tract where probiotics work best. The capsule-in-a-capsule technology is also highly effective for pairing ingredients that don't mix well such as CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) oil and l-carnitine water-soluble powder, which, when combined, aid in fat loss and promote energy. Lipid multi-particulates (LMP) technology offers a variety of delivery applications (including capsules), modifi ed release and taste-masking. As examples, a powder blend of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 for muscle building can be formed into LMP spheres that can be delivered in powder form inside capsules, suspended in beverages or included in shots. Delayed release of phosphatidic acid has been touted as valuable for building muscle and recovering from exercise. LMP has been combined in a bulk powder blend that can be mixed with water. The microspheres fl oat in water but dissolve after ingestion so the active is released periodically when it is needed for a longer-enduring effect. As another example, the sustained, modifi ed release feature of LMP for beverage application delivery of theacrine, often used synergistically with caffeine, contributes to taste-masking of the extremely bitter supplement at therapeutic levels because it stops dissolution of microspheres until after consumption, when the active is no longer in contact with the palate. The innovative delivery technologies discussed here are just the most recent to explode out of the lab. More are undoubtedly brewing; stay tuned for the next blast. Barri Sigvertsen is the marke ting manager at Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition ( Contract Manufacturing: Delivery Forms 6982 Bandini Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90040 | Toll Free: (800) 360-SGTI | Phone: (323) 726-0700 | A Singular Focus We make softgels. Various shapes, sizes, and colors. Custom and stock formulas. Solvent-free. That's all we do. In a GMP-certified U.S. facility. We do one thing and we do it well. By choosing us as your softgel contract manufacturer, you can concentrate on what you do best. If we may have your attention for a moment, we'll make you the center of attention. Contact us today. Delivering custom and branded softgels, naturally. ™

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